Newt and Freddie Mac…………….$1.8 Million

The week of November 13th 2011 The House Oversight Committee came out with a scathing report and held a hearing criticizing the Obama administrations policy on the awarding of substantial bonuses to executives of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac which are now under government conservatorships.

Strangely enough nothing was done about the $1.8 MILLION dollars that Newt Gingrich received from troubled mortgage giant Freddy Mac for ” consulting fees”. Hmmmmmmm?

It appears that the House or the Senate have no intention to look into this strange matter.Hmmmm……………….Newt himself said when asked that he received the money for “strategic advice” …Hmmmmmmmm?

So a former cabinet member who is a history professor was given millions of dollars for said advice. Would be interesting to find out what advice is worth that much money and what mortgage expertise ol’ Newt has based on his background.

A spokesperson for Freddy Mac reported that Gingrich had worked for the organization as a consultant  but would not discuss how much he was paid or what he did. Hmmmmmm?


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