Really O’Reilly?

Talk about the tail wagging the dog. Here comes the Republican/Obstructionist party puppet Bill O’Reilly crying like a little schoolgirl because the liberal national media will continue to help President Obama in spite of his dropping approval numbers.

I find it ironic that one of the biggest Obama bashers other than that doctor shopping, pill hoarding Bush Bimbaugh, is upset because part of the media is supporting the President. He fails to mention the other part of the media who are in bed with the Rep/Obs party and have orchestrated the no, no, no we will not agree to anything the Dems offer, no matter what.

Every time I listen to one of the many  Rep/Obs party lapdogs on Fox I want to piss on their press credentials. They are not fair and balanced and before you say that the ones on CNN or MSNBC are just as biased what makes me Ill is the mean-spirited  and nasty rants of the O’Reilly’s , Limbaughs and  Coulter’s of the world.  Disagree, don’t like a candidate, hate their policies but be a gentleman and a lady and  have some fucking class . 

So here comes little Billy O’Reilly with these figures: In 2011 morning network correspondents have labeled Republican/Obstructionist party candidates as conservative 49 times. But only once have they referred to Obama as a liberal.

Ok Billy here is a wake up call: they are conservatives. What do you expect them to call them? Centrists? Middle of the roaders? Non-Liberals? They are conservatives, they act like it, they talk like it, they base their campaigns on it and they appear to be proud to be conservatives so what the hell do you expect them to be called? And by the way get some class and call the man by his title: President . Show some respect for the highest elected office in our land and say it as much as it hurts you: President Obama. PRESIDENT Obama.

Here is another Billy whine: By a four to  one margin the morning show hosts have used adversarial questioning against Republican/Obstructionist party interview subjects as compared to Democratic guests.

Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh questions are too tough? Have the questions been as unfair as the ones on Fox? First of all the Rep/Obs have everyone and their mother running for President, like the old adage, throw enough crap on the wall and maybe something will stick. The problem is that this group of candidates makes the gang from Jersey Shore look like Rhodes scholars.

Next  Billy whine: The morning programs routinely run positive “human interest” stories about the President and his family. No Republican/Obstructionist contender has received that kind of coverage.

Ok Billy Bob another wake up call: Which Rep/Obs party candidates are human? Please do tell. Mitt Romney, a robot, has his face ironed every day, hair looks like a helmet. Herman Cain: token brother to make the Rep/Obs TRY to look progressive. Remember the black dude that was running the RNC after the 2010 elections? Where is he now? That was window dressing,pandering to the African-American voters and hypocrisy at its best. Michelle Bachmann: Stepford wife, Submissive lap dog, shoots out erroneous data without bothering to hire fact checkers. Newt Gingrich:Lothario,entrenched D.C. insider, blowhard,womanizer, alleged history professor. Rick Perry:the comedy relief of the party, more gaffes than Lucy Ricardo on a eight ball. Able to make previous Texas governors look like geniuses. Rick Santorum:Holier than thou sanctimonious Ken doll.Made Pennsylvania what it is today.Ron “Elmer Fudd” Paul. C’mon really?  So the question is, how can do they do a “human interest” story on this gang? They are more suited to be in an episode of Survivor.

So Billy boy is crying about unfair unbalanced media reports. And I quote: There is little chance the republican challenger will receive a fair and balanced coverage. I know, hard to believe that Uncle Bill is crying about unfair and unbalanced reporting, that’s like the pot calling the kettle black, ironic isn’t it? After a year and a half of vitriol, half-truths, outright fabrications, innuendo and unprofessional reporting from the CONSERVATIVE media now Billy Boy wants the media to be fair, how quaint.



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