LIV tour v.s. PGA

So here is the problem encountered by the new golf league versus the established hierarchy of the PGA;

Yes, agreed that the players are chasing the money, and it is BIG money, if I was offered 100 million dollars I would jump faster that you can say Jack Sprat.

Yes, the Saudis have a bad record of human rights violations. While folks are crying about that I don’t see anyone complaining about the NBA being in bed with China considering their horrible human rights record and their concentration/re-education camps they have for the Uyghur’s.

But back to golf. The PGA did not think ahead and did not realize fans want to see players that they like. I do not want to see Joe Blistik from Paducah or Billy Bob Bumpkin from Tulsa. I noticed in the last few T.V. tournaments that there were not as many spectators on the course and the fewer in the stands.

So what this would do, it would dilute fans buying tickets to live events and most importantly drop T.V. viewership which would impact the next round of contracts with cable companies, which means a drop in revenue.

I want to see stars, I want to see Phil Mickleson flare out from a sand-trap, I want to see Brison De Chamblay blast a 400 yard drive, I want to see Brooks Koepka miss a three foot putt. I want to see Dustin Johnson get to a par 5 in two and three putt.

It’s funny after the LIV tour came out how quickly the PGA tour upped their payouts to the players, like they could not have done this before. And coincidentally the LPGA tour did the same for the ladies.

There is going to be a lot of litigation between these two entities in the coming years, it is far from over.


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