Thanks Dems for the president !

Before any of you get your panties in a wringer let me say I am a registered Democrat and have been since 2006 when I switched over from the GOP after  President Cheney got his puppet George W to do his bidding. I had also been watching the hypocrisy of GOP’ers  spouting Christian beliefs and getting caught with hookers, under-aged partners, kids, drugs and homosexual liaisons.

Nothing against the gay community but don’t be spouting Christian values and get caught sliding your foot under the bathroom stall looking for a sausage sandwich. Or if you are straight don’t get caught banging your babysitter like a screen door in a hurricane, but I digress.

The point is there is no outrage against the “leadership” ( there’s an oxymoron for you)  of the DNC who railroaded Bernie in order to get Hellary in office because they thought she was the “sure thing”. The only sure thing was they handed the election to Twitler who has turned out to be worse than possibly imagined and he’s only six weeks into his term. Everyone at the DNC should be shown the door, I do not know if putting Perez and Ellison in the lead will help but it’s a start.

So here is the point: all the ranting and railing on social media is not going to topple President Twitler out of office, it’s not going to take the GOP out of power and its not going to give people decent health care. And speaking of healthcare the GOP is pushing their program as an “opportunity’ for people to get healthcare and that it will be “available for all that need it” until you see the price tag and what little it covers.

That great humanitarian Sen. Jason Chaffetz R-Utah suggested people by pass getting an expensive cell phone so they can afford healthcare. Jason, get your head out of your ass and realize that is not possible and while you are at it enjoy your FREE healthcare and perks, but I digress.

So back to the point: postings on social media are not going to shift the balance of power, planning for the midterm elections IS and the big prize is going to be in 2020. We cannot hope that the public gets fed up with the GOP insensitivity, lack of inclusiveness, the meddling in reproductive rights, the pushing of their religious agenda and the protection of the 1%’s wealth (including theirs). If you don’t think there is funny goings on in Washington just look at Mitch Mc Connell’s net worth when he started in congress and what it is today, but I digress dammit!

Start now, congregate, communicate and integrate yourself first into local politics, then county, then state and finally national, especially you millennials, it’s going to take a large group of you voting to help right this ship.

In memory of HST





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