What a Country! Rush Limbaugh is out of control

At last count nine companies have dropped their sponsorships of Rush’s radio show. One radio station has dropped his show due to the “slut” comment aimed at student Sandra Fluke last week on his oh so popular radio show.

It could not happen to a nicer guy. What a mean-spirited this bloated little man is. And anyone should be talking about taking pills but him.

And contraception? He has been married four times and no kids…………hmmmmmmmmmmmm?  Maybe he doesn’t need it or the ovarian eggs recoil at the sight of his sperm, no doubt the gag meter is off the charts on those little swimmers.

This guy is the Pope of the Republican party, which goes to show how far down in the gutter they have gone. Wasnt he going to move to Canada if Hillary ran for President back in 2008? Let’s start a collection to buy him an Air Canada ticket  eh?

And while we are it how about your Armed Forces history?  You didnt weasel out and get a deferment did you  Captain America?

One of the great things about this country is that everyone is entitled to their opinion but when you make it personal and you insult someone you do not know and you are mean-spirited about it  you have to live with the backlash and then you open yourself to others opinions and ridicule. I don’t like him obviously and I held back on giving him any attention but this time he went too far.

This guy is a blowhard,has no expertise in politics and used to be the puppet for the Republican inner circle of obstructionists and political consultant ghouls but now he is the one holding the strings. I will not buy anything from any company that has ads on his show and I will not advertize my business on Clear Channel.

The bloated fuck deserves to be bitch slapped.



About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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5 Responses to What a Country! Rush Limbaugh is out of control

  1. NBG says:

    But is is OK for Bill M. to call Sarah P. the “c” & “t” word. Both men are wrong, but it really sucks when the only ones expected to be civil are the Republicans. IT WOULD BE GREAT AND AMAZING IF WE ALL WOULD BE CIVIL TO EACH OTHER REGARDLESS OF OUR POLITICAL VIEWS. Live you still Bunky.,

  2. Jorge G says:

    GOOD POINT but remember politicians leave themselves open to attacks as you well remember from my running for office, this gal testified before congress and he singled her out and demonized her without knowing her, as far as Sarah goes, worse I could call her is a Bimbo which she is.LIVE you too, hope you werent hyperventilating when you wrote me xoxo

    • NBG says:

      You know mean LOVE and was in a hurry, and no I was not, I was just as upset at Rush if not more. That young girl had every right to be before congress for what ever reason there might be, it is an honor and a privilge to do so in this great county of ours. VIVA LA YUMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. MssKat says:

    What goes around comes around, right. I am looking forward to seeing that bloated bastard go down too. Great blog…Captain America – that’s good stuff, lol!

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