America at the shrink’s

We snuck a microphone into America’s psychiatrist’s office and have decided to play excerpts from America’s last therapy session from the week of November 9th of this year, be warned this is not for the faint of heart.

Doc: Hello America, how are you feeling today?

USA: Doc, I’m telling you the feelings of inadequacy that I had last week are nothing compared to what I am feeling now. I feel lost, abandoned and confused.

Doc: Do tell, did the election throw you off?

USA: Yes it did, everything that looked so right went so wrong.

Doc: Sometimes the outcome is not what we want or expect, you have to be ready for that.

USA: But Doc a party that doesn’t give a damn about everyday people, show contempt and disregard for the poor and disenfranchised, are blatant about their disdain for those that don’t agree with their strict old fashioned dogma have stayed in power in spite of looking out for their kind only, rich and white keep winning, it’s mind boggling.

Doc:  America sometimes things are not what they seem, maybe they have a pulse of the frustration from the middle class, what about the other party, are they any better?

USA: Here is the thing Doc, the other group gets behind someone extremely unlikable, an elitist, a one per-center who could not muster sincerity if she was dropped in a vat full of  it, a career politician who had the lust for power like a vampire has for blood.  And she had things that would have given anyone in her position sympathy, her husband was a Lothario of prolific proportions, she had been dragged thru the mud for investigations for decades, she was the first woman presidential candidate to make it all the way to her party’s nomination yet people actually despised her. I heard people say that they would vote for anyone, Hannibal Lechter, Hitler, Charles Manson, anyone but her.And to make matters worse, that party had a likable candidate who was loved by the people both young and old and the party in question went out of their way to undermine his candidacy because they thought the lady was a shoo-in.

Doc: I am going to adjust your medication that last part was out of a fiction book, no one would believe that a major party would do that in this day and age, did anyone go to jail or get fired?

USA: That’s the thing Doc, everybody stayed in power, no one got fired, demoted or raked over the coals.

Doc: I am definitely adjusting your meds, you are staring to sound paranoid.

USA: Doc, I’m telling you I am going crazy, the other party had a guy running that did everything wrong, stuck his foot in his mouth, insulted different groups, incited hate and bigotry, threatened anyone who disagreed with him, was vindictive, did not show what he paid in taxes, had dubious business dealings, did not pay suppliers, threatened those running against him and asked why we couldn’t use nuclear weapons.

Doc: Okay I am definitely adjusting your meds, you are delusional.

USA: Doc, I’m telling the truth and furthermore he was caught on tape boasting about grabbing women by the short hairs if you know what I mean and women came forward to confirm those acts of groping. And on top of it all he is a crybaby who whines whenever anyone says anything derogatory towards him. He’s like a little bitch.

Doc: Well that certainly would have doomed his chances of winning, if this was all real, you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried, I am starting to worry about you….. wait a moment while I call my assistant. ….. Miss Huxtable please get those Baker Act forms ready, think we might be needing them. Okay America what’s next we are running out of time.

USA: Running out of time? Here is the latest,the guy who  said the election was rigged if he lost now there is evidence that Russia was helping him to win the election.

Doc: Okay, that’s it you’ve lost your mind I am changing your meds and Baker acting you until you get out of this fantasy world you are in.

USA: Doc , I’m telling you the truth, you gotta believe me.

Doc: Miss Huxtable please start the paperwork on Miss USA  and a straitjacket please.

USA: Doc, I would not lie to you, this is all real.

Doc: I think some therapy is required here, I think about four years or so should do it, it’s for your own good America, good things will come of this trust me. Believe me, great things will happen, believe me, believe me, believe me we are going to make you great again America bwahaahahahahahahah!















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