Why does America care so much?

Don’t get me wrong America is still the greatest country in the world even though our armor is a bit tarnished as of late.

We jump the minute there is a natural disaster in the world to help out with hardware,knowledge,logistical support and course good ol’ cash even though the majority of the time a lot of the cash,food,water and supplies usually disappear into a black hole. That is one reason I do not donate one nickel to any group or organization, not even the Red Cross. You show me where every bottle of water, every first aid kit, every M.R.E. goes to and I will donate with pleasure.

And while I am on a rant, I find it morally reprehensible that we have fundraisers for other countries disasters when we have children not having three square meals a day here and we have homeless here and worse yet homeless veterans, we should be ashamed. But I  will leave this  homeless subject for another time

Wherever there is an insurgency and rogue forces take over a country and the atrocities start to mount why does the world call on the U.S. to help them out? Sure, call on us to get your despot tin cup dictator out, call us to take out your commie comrades out but God ( and if you don’t like me using the name of God too fucking bad, I am not politically correct, I do not care if your sensibilities are bruised because I mentioned God, you don’t have to believe in a God, but I have a right to and I have a right to write and speak about it. And before any of  you Holy Rollers, Christian Soldiers, Muslim martyrs,religious zealots and Jehovah’s  zombies take my side, my God might not be like yours, so God help you, no pun intended.What is wrong with any religion is when it tries to convince others that it’s the only religion and any one who thinks otherwise is a heathen and shall be burned at the stake, persecuted, hanged, drowned or worse yet have a rumor leaked to TMZ or the press. Notice I separated those two, another column on the “Entertainment”, Tabloid, paparazzi piranha feeding frenzy that the Twinkie/Ritalin addled masses eat up. Wow that was a long tangent) but God forbid we try to do something humane on our own and the “locals” get up in arms about us “invading” their sovereign country. Hey Abdul, Pierre or Jose, we are trying to save you from the fucking quagmire your current and past dictators have put your shit hole of a pissant country in. Burros,camels and dogs are neither transportation or food in this country and they shouldnt be in your neanderthal aged piece of dirt you call home.

So call me a nationalist if you must but lets take care of our own and those who give their lives to protect us before we help complete strangers on the other side of the world, most of the time they piss on the U.S. first chance they get. We helped out with Pakistan’s earthquake back in  January 2011 and look at today, they harbor terrorists and enable those who want to destroy America, next time there is a natural disaster in Pakistan, and trust me there will be (karma is a bitch baby) let the Taliban or al-Qaeda or the local  camel jockey chieftain bail their sand filled asses out.

And before any of you candy ass weaklings write to me about being humane and caring for our fellow-man, I will remind you to start at HOME, practice what you preach, donate your time, money and sweat to a soup kitchen and a homeless shelter, then after that’s done  donate and give your time to another country of unappreciative victims.  Writing a check to some organization might make you feel better but be up front and have the guts to face the hungry and needy in person. Will it make you feel guilty if you are a Wall Street fatcat, attorney, stockbroker or banker? Probably, but if you make your money honestly you should not feel guilty. Kind of like the sword of Damocles don’t you think? But I digress. Every time I see people from a country that we have helped burning an American flag or throwing rocks or worse at an American embassy I want to nuke the fuckers back to the stone age where they should have stayed in the first place.

Next time we have a natural disaster let’s see if Japan, Pakinstan, Chile, Haiti or Peru do anything to help us out.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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6 Responses to Why does America care so much?

  1. Ily Goyanes says:

    Bad ass post. I feel exactly the same way. We have tons of homeless people in our country, oodles of hungry people, and many without proper healthcare or the money to buy necessary medications. Yet we spend money (money that we don’t have mind you) on the problems of other countries.

    How about we install indoor plumbing to the poor American families living in the Appalachian Mountains — families so poor that an average dinner consists of a large can of baked beans divide among two parents and three children?

    We need to take care of our house and our families first before we rush in to save everyone else — especially considering the fact that many of these countries that we help out end up being ungrateful nations who are the first to take up anti-American sentiment.

    Charity starts at home. Period.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Although I agree with you, the sad fact is is that our govenment w0uld never consider the thought of helping our own. It’s just not glamorous enough for our dickhead leaders. Sad state of affairs but I like the way you think JorgeG

  3. NBG says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! You almost sound like me!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT.

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