What a country! The GOP circus continues

Comedy and Political writers everywhere woke up with hard-ons or perky nipples this week when the results of the Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado caucuses came in and showed Rick “Sanctimonious” Santorum winning them all.

It was a shock because the pundits did not foretell that happening. They ASSumed that Mitt was going to take Minnesota based on his last go around there.

This GOP race has more mood swings than a cocaine addict on Lithium. It was Santorum in Iowa, Mitt in New Hampshire, NewNewt in South Carolina, Mitt in Fraudida, oops….. sorry , Florida. Now holier than thou Rickster has gained steam and has the old “Mo-mentum” on his side.

What was really interesting was who came in second ( Uncle Ron Paul) and a distant fourth, that Napoleonic mean-spirited Newt ( the outsider) Gingrich. People have finally seen thru his veil of arrogance and elitist attitude and have rightfully  kicked him to the curb in four states now.

So this will further muddle the GOP field and its going to be a donnybrook all the way to the end. The GOP voters are fragmented between the moderates and the conservatives. I will declare that it is going to be left up to the delegate convention before a clear front-runner is established or picked. There will be more backroom deals than at Wolfgang Puck’s bathroom in Hollywood.

The Hipster must be sitting in the oval office laughing his ass off.





About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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