What a country! One Million Morons

I am not gay but injustice and bullying from “groups” that want to tell others what is right for them is getting to the point that self interest groups are going to need lobbyists for their lobbyists.

Recently the group “One Million Moms” wanted  JCPenney to replace the recently hired Ellen de Generes as their spokesperson because according to them (and who asked for their fucking opinion?) Ellen is not a “true representative” of the families that shop at JCPenney.

Based on the families that I see at the my local JCP I would agree with their statement that Ellen is not a true representative. A true representative would be named Jose Shaniqua Sanchez Leticia Gonzalez Jefferson Pierre Saint Jean.

What I do not agree with is that they are arbitrarily pushing their weight around and trying to get someone fired because of their sexual orientation.  If Ellen likes to eat pussy, more power to her. God bless her and pass the dental floss.

This is part of what has been  happenning in America in the last decade or so. Due to social media, 1.75 million cable channels, internet and satellite radio and of course the world wide web groups can get their agendas out there and its part of the me,me,generation that has morphed into the we,we,we generation.

So we have self absorbed, selfish,egocentric “it’s everyone’s fault but mine” generation that wants attention to their cause but everyone has to join them, agree with them and piss on everyone that doesnt go with their agenda.

Look “One Million Moms”, if you do not like who JCP hired as their spokesperson  DONT BUY ANYTHING THERE. See how simple it is?

If every obscure group decides to flex their muscle about every little thing that frosts their ass we will have a country full of whinny self absorbed groups crying and bitchin about every little slight to whichever one of their sensibilities is currently offended. Wait! we have that already.

I dont care if my favorite department store hires Ricky Martin as their spokes- person. Just because Ricky likes the skin flute will not stop me from shopping there.

Hey Moms how about you do something constructive with your group and start a mentoring problem for after school? How about starting a food drive? How about volunteering for your local Hospice?

Moms take your conservative agenda and leave the rest of the U.S.A. alone,the 1950’s are not coming back, get used to it.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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3 Responses to What a country! One Million Morons

  1. NBG says:

    It appears that the website only received 40,000 signatures, it never made it to 1 million.

  2. Jorge G says:

    imagine that! thanks for the heads up

  3. chamberlain says:

    Homosexuality is a complicated issue for a Fundamentalist Christian. You have to introduce concepts like original sin, the fall of man, the blood debt, the vicarious human sacrifice, how sexual orientation is a choice, and how Satan can be defeated only through faith and anti-intellectualism. Then you have to try to justify it all through circular biblical reasoning, fail to justify it, and then force your beliefs on them and threaten Hellfire if they don’t agree.
    hideously complicated…

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