What a country! Lowlifes in the Florida Legislature

Residents of Florida beware, the Legislature is trying to pass a bill that shields current members, past members , current and past staff from being sued and from requesting depositions from any lawsuits whatsoever.

The timing is interesting because the Dems are getting ready to sue in light  of the “smoky back room deals” that were done in the current redistricting efforts which were not so curiously set up to favor the Republican/Obstructionist party.

Now I am a big boy and I know how it works, and this redistricting favoritism is normal course of business for the party in power to favor themselves  but to hide behind a law that protects them from ANY lawsuits is giving the crooks and thieves carte blanche to screw over the populace and have no recourse or responsibility for their actions.

House Speaker Dean Cannon had the big cojones to stand in front of reporters with a straight face and say: ” this will put us in sync with other states that shield lawmakers and uphold the truth that the motives, or opinions or attitudes of an individual legislator ………aren’t appropriate for discovery”. The blatant nerve !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What this is saying without the lawyerese is: whatever the legislator does is none of your business and any suit seeking a deposition will not be allowed under the proposed bill and therefore there cannot be any legal recourse,screw you.

We keep electing these morons,  we have no one to blame but ourselves.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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