Oh Sarah!

Sarah Palin was in Iowa over the Labor Day weekend ( shocker, I know, what a coincidence) and she said: ” I am condemming crony capitalism and  the permanent political class”. Now the first thing I thought of was she talking about the Democrats or the Republicans?

One can state the case she might be taking about both. I am just wondering why she is being such a tease about declaring her 2012 presidential aspirations.There are dozens of Republican donors with their hands in their pockets waiting for her to declare. I am not sure if they are reaching for their wallets or their hard-ons. But I digress.

Is she waiting for the Republican donnybrook between the two no brainers, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry to finish to take on the winner? By no brainers I mean those two do not have a brain between them. You could not generate enough brain power between those two to run a hamsters brain.

Simple Sarah also took a shot at President Obama by saying that his ideas about solar panels and fast trains are “hare brained”. Now there is a good one, she who makes Pamela Anderson look like a rocket scientist is denigrating solar power and rapid transit.

Oh Sarah, stop teasing, declare your run and make all comedy writers happy.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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1 Response to Oh Sarah!

  1. msskat says:

    We need Sarah to run. We need comedy. We need a bimbo in the Whitehouse… GO SARAH!!

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