Presidential hopefuls, update

Well kids it is starting to whittle down due to attrition, foot in mouth disease, ignorance and just plain stupidity.

The comedy writers favorite, Sarah Palin dropped out of her own volition, she probably realized she could make more money-making speeches, writing books and being a commentator on that fair and balanced network, Fox.

Ron Paul was doing great until he said if elected president he would cut out all foreign aid including Israel. You could hear the tires deflate on his tour bus after that gaffe.

Rick Perry made the mistake of doing a few debates, he came off as stiff, unbending, and made Mitt Romney look like a Rhodes Scholar. Plus his health program in Texas was rated as one of the worst in the country. I will not even mention the name of his ranch.

Herman Cain surprised everyone by winning the straw vote in Florida but has had a few missteps with the flip-flop on abortion and was unable to specifically define his 9-9-9 tax program.

Michelle Bachmann, another comedy writer favorite. It seems a lot of the facts and figures she had been spouting at events were not fact checked by her campaign workers, seems she had a lot of numbers off ,specifically the 59,000 people she claimed came over the border last year, the actual number was just under 700. I will remind everyone that her husband still runs the Pray for Gays clinic that tries to deprogram gays by praying. I wonder if they can do the same for erectile dysfunction?

Rick Santorum is coming off as a holier than thou blowhard.

The Donald and his racoon hairpiece are out, what a shame. I actually think he would have been good but he could not take such a big paycut.

The rest of the candidates are not even worth mentioning at this point, if any of them start to channel FDR or JFK or Abe Lincoln, I’ll keep you posted.



About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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2 Responses to Presidential hopefuls, update

  1. Anonymous says:

    do keep us posted, its a dirty job but……………………

  2. Jorge G says:

    thank you, someone has to keep them on their toes

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