What a country! Gone in 2011

Here are some of the folks who left this planet in 2011 in no particular order, some will be missed, some will not be.

Steve Jobs, has changed how we do everything forever.

Betty Ford, former first lady and founder of rehab clinic bearing her name.

Elizabeth Taylor, serial wife, epitome of class and beauty.

Amy Winehouse, aptly named singer, OD’ on alcohol and drugs.

Joe Frazier, former heavyweight boxing champion

Andy Rooney, curmudgeon, satirist.

Christopher Hitchens,intellectual contrarian

Jack La Lanne, fitness guru

Kim Il JungII, Korean president for life, guess not

Osama bin Laden, killer of thousands of Americans, should have front row seats in Hades.

Here are some folks that I would have liked to see gone but are staying around to annoy the living shit out of us:

Harold Camping, radio preacher who predicted the Rapture in May, then in October, when  both deadlines passed disappeared, havent heard from him since, good riddance. As of this writing Armageddon hasn’t shown up yet, must be running late.

Charley Sheen, overblown, overhyped, massive self-important “actor” who thought he was the worlds greatest entertainer and that he was more important that a television show. Please stay under whatever current rock you are under.

Gene Simmons, leader of rock and roll band Kiss, “star” of a reality show, another self-important hack, face that  makes babies cry and that is without the KISS makeup.

The Kardashians, pick one, pick all, talentless family famous for being famous. Some take off their clothes, others are basketball groupies.

Bruce Jenner, former Olympic athlete, resembles Ming the Merciless after 27 plastic surgeries, has to live with Mama Kardashian.

O.J. Simpson, former Heisman trophy winner, NFL star, movie star,person of interest in wife’s murder, moron, egotist, never to be confused with a Mensa member,current jailhouse resident due to major stupidity.

Rob Schneider, talentless dwarf who rode a few year’s of SNL gravy train to do movies and standup, both failed miserably.

Al Sharpton, reverend(cough)political activist(cough) civil rights activist ( gag me) who rode liar Tawana Brawley’s bullshit story farther than anyone could have.

The Jersey Shore gang, pick any of the self-absorbed morons, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

The Survivor contestants, really? how about joining the real world? Is your world that dull that you have to Tivo this show?

Hugh Hefner, used to be a hero but Hef, please date someone older than your bed stains.

Donald Trump, self-absorbed, self promoting blowhard, huge ego to match huge possum sitting on top of his head.

Sarah Palin, political Barbie doll, failed Republican candidate, desperately searching for her niche, still looking for it.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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