Newt………an endorsment or is it?

This week the Manchester-Union Ledger newspaper endorsed Newt Gingrich for the New Hampshire primary which is the earliest one held for the presidential hopefuls.

While this is not a shock due to their ultra conservative stance over the years, it goes to show how circus-like the Republican/Obstructionist party front-runners fluctuate depending on which gaffe happened recently. Such as:

Herman ” Studmuffin” Cain’s latest was a lady who said they carried on an affair for thirteen years…………..rut roh, campaign is over Hermie, time to go back to the kitchen and cook some food for a change. So he is “evaluating” whether to continue or not, is there much choice?

Rick Perry “forgot” what the voting age is in America, Beavis and Butthead would have run a more intelligent campaign than this never to be invited to Mensa cowboy.

Mitt”Flip-Flop” Romney was backhanded by the endorsement to Newt because he is from  that area and considered an almost native son in those parts.

Back to the Newt’s endorsement. Is it really?

Based on the history of this newspaper it might do Ol’ Newt more harm than good. Consider some of the stalwarts this newspaper has endorsed in the past.

1972- John  Ashbrook……………John who? ……….exactly.

1988-Pete DuPont…………a rich guy with the appeal of a proctologist.

1992 and 1996 Pat Buchanan……………………a guy that makes Genghis Khan look like a liberal.

2000- Steve Forbes, a rich guy with a good idea for taxes but a Q rating below the Ayatollah.

  2008-John “Maverick” Mc Cain,  a good guy, good soldier, great American but tried to appease so many different groups that he alienated all of them. Did have the guts to appoint Sarah ” I have no brain” Palin to his campaign, kudos for that comedy show.

So based on their record I would say Newt might not want to crow too much about that endorsement.


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business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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