Charter Schools: Governor Rick Scott’s Recipe For Disaster, Ahem, Success

Here in Florida, the land of the blind, deaf, and dumb voters, we have elected another Governor who is enamored of charter schools.

The last Governor, Bush IV,  the one with at least half a brain (unlike his brother the caricature cowboy who couldnt fill Reagan’s boots let alone his jock strap) tried giving away education in Florida to charter schools (for profit) with the panacea that the state would spend less on education.

It’s bad enough that the state raped the lottery for money, sure they sold us the lottery saying it would go towards education which it did but they did not tell us that whatever money that was earmarked for education was shifted over to other budget issues. Here, bend over, we have to do a probe without KY.

That’s like buying a hot blonde drinks all night, getting her home, and finding out she has a Johnson dangling between her legs and it’s not a dildo. “Surprise!”

But I  digress. Look into the charter schools principals’ salaries, most make into six figures. Most charter schools fail after they squeeze every dollar they can out of the state. *Versus public schools most charter schools do not have higher graduation rates, 37%  of charter school students graded significantly worse that public school students. And 46% of charter school students had gains that were not any different than their public school counterparts.

Just so no one gets their panties in a wringer (those of them that wear them anyway) taxpayers pay for charter schools. The taxpayer money that would go to state education gets redistributed for profit businesses or non profits that run them.

Now our current Governor, Rick Scott the for-profit maven, wants to expand them even though they appear to be failing. HALF of the schools that received an F rating in Florida this year were charter schools, reported by the Sun Sentinel on August 28, 2011.

Remember Joe Taxpayer, tax revenue that you pay for that should go to public school gets handed to these charter schools instead. One more time, taxpayer dollars that should go to underfunded public schools are being sent to charter schools. It pains me to hear some customers of mine who are teachers telling tales of having to scrounge for supplies for their classrooms.

Gee, I wonder if the charter schools teachers have a  union? Hmmmmmm? Wonder if charter schools are a way to weaken teacher unions?

I do not want to hear from parents who want to tell me how their Buffy blossomed in a school for  gifted artists. Tell me how much of that “tuition” could be used to help an inner city school or  a school catering to minorities. Or to buy a hot lunch for kids who go hungry. Ketchup is not a vegetable Motherfuckers.

So Florida voters, just keep mindlessly pulling those levers for those type of leaders. Keep stealing that money from public schools to give to politicians cronies.Pretty soon “charter school scams” will be part of our lexicon.

*See Diane Ravitch’s  November 2010 critique of the much hyped  movie   “Waiting for Superman” for the figures mentioned above.


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  1. msskat says:

    ….nothing but the dead in florida – the most wonderful place in the world and we just can’t get it right, very sad

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