Democratic Presidential Candidates or Is this the Titanic berth?


To date:
Barack Obama  born, 1961 current president.
Made history by being the first African-American elected to the presidency. Tried to bring a policy of consensus and cooperation to  politics but ran into a Republican NO, NO,NO campaign. Tried to play nice instead of just lowering the hammer but lost faith of his party after mid-term elections.
Chances of re-election 45%
Randall Terry,  born 1959,pro-life activist.
Plans to run an ad campaign featuring graphic photos of aborted fetuses during Super Bowl XLVI in February 2012.
Enough said, chance of election , slim and none and slim has left the building.
 Alvin Greene, former U.S, Senate nominee ,South Carolina
quote: “The country cant do without me because I am the man, I was born to be President and I will be 35 the night before the election”.
Must be drinking too much kool-aid
Mike Gravel born 1930, former Senator from Alaska.
Presidential candidate in 2008 elections. Proponent of “Fair Tax”. Is against the draft. Helped putting the Pentagon Papers onto public record .Helped get approval for the Alaska pipeline.
Darkhorse but a long shot.
Warren Mosler, born 1949, CEO of Mosler automotive
Dropped out of Presidential race to run for U.S. Senate
Might have been interesting.
I am sure there will be other Dems throwing their hats inside the ring, the list is very small compared to the Republicans .I am not sure if the Dems have enough candidates or they are just throwing in the towel against the GOP juggernaut or they are just going to wait until 2016 to field better and more candidates.
I voted for Obama and I have been disappointed in his actions. While noble and forthright in trying to do the right thing in a “nice” manner, he should have used the power of the office to get his programs passed without trying to please everybody. Now his slogan should be: “Damm we didn’t”
The Dems had full control of both houses during the first two years of Obama’s term and did nothing but vacillate and try to placate everyone, that is very hard to do. They should have learned from the GOP playbook and just rammed thru what legislation they wanted and left it up to the voters to decide, which apparently they did mid-term after getting fed up with the quagmire in D.C.
Sometimes you have to break a few eggs to bake a cake.

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business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Jorge – I think you should run for President!! I enjoy your blogs so keep em’ comin

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