Dick Cheney: Dr. Strangelove Lives!

Well folks, when uncle Dick Cheney’s memoirs, In My Time, comes out soon you will unfortunately have a nasty vision of Uncle Dick masturbating over the nuclear button in the White House.

Talk about a war monger, this guy made Genghis Khan look like a choir boy. He wanted to bomb Syria back to the stone age — not that it would take much to get them there. He wanted to bomb Iran to the stone age which in their case would be a huge improvement.

Now he is bombing his old colleagues and running their reputation into the ground. Why?  He doesn’t need the money, he must need or want the power and he must miss the limelight.

He trashed Colin Powell who is a decent man and a good soldier. He talked about Condoleeza Rice like she was a lap dog.

In his memoirs he whines about having his power curtailed. Hey Uncle Dick, you don’t see the inmates running the electro shock treatment at the asylum do you?

He’s cranky about Obama, but what would you expect from a 70-year-old lily-white man? Of course, let’s remind unkie that Obama did what he and boy wonder Bush could not do, catch and kill Osama Bin Laden.

Good gawd, now that he and Boy Wonder are out of office, I wonder if the Secret Service had standing orders that if Boy Wonder Bush died, they were to shoot Cheney immediately?

History will judge him and Boy Wonder — they can’t change that.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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1 Response to Dick Cheney: Dr. Strangelove Lives!

  1. msskat says:

    LOL ~ Old Dickie boy is Mr. Potter reincarnated…he’s an just old mean, nasty man and nothing good has ever come from him. Kharma’s a bitch and she’ll get him in the end

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