$ENATOR Eric Cantor (R-VA) Represents Corporations Rather Than People

$enator Cantor of Virginia is the darling of the investment community.He is accused of being the champion of hedge funds, private equity firms, and real estate partnerships in their quest to keep tax codes the same as they are currently (which is quite favorable for them), so that they may continue to make vast profits (nothing wrong with profits in general) without paying enough taxes.You see the White House wants to make changes in the tax code to have those companies pay just a little bit more of their profits towards the tax revenues of our country. It is estimated that this would raise $20 BILLION dollars in revenue during the next ten years. For the past four years, $enator Cantor has taken the lead in fighting those changes. Coincidentally his Pacs have received nearly $2 million dollars in contributions from securities and investment firms and real estate companies. I know — shocker.

Sure, they are not breaking the law — they are just playing with the system that has gutted or removed restrictions (can you say deregulation?) and codes that were taken out so that our economy could grow, grow, grow and create jobs, jobs, jobs. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. I say the only jobs created are the servants these rich hedge fund fuckers “hire” (can you say illegal aliens paid under the table?).

The amount of greed in corporate America is beyond banal. How many millions of dollars can one spend? How can the CEO of a company pay less taxes than his receptionist? The inmates need to take over the asylum — time to talk tax reform. And I do not mean the Tea Party, those morons were led down the primrose path by the right wing of the Republican Party. It helped them gain back some offices, but of course they turned around and cut entitlement programs that actually helped the tea bagger types.

I am so glad a public servant like $enator Cantor is in office looking out for those poor hedge fund companies and real estate conglomerates. I hope the karma wheel comes his way sooner rather than later. I would like to know what his campaign slogan was — maybe, “Greed is good, let the little people pay taxes, I‘ll make sure big corporations won’t.”

This champion of the rich has had the gall to say if there is a change in the carried interest tax rate it would “raise taxes on innovation.” HUH? And “would harm mom and pop business partnerships.” Really? I must have missed that mom and pop hedge fund company and that mom and pop security and investment firm. And he says this with a straight face,the fucking nerve. If Hunter S. Thompson was still alive he would be popping LSD blotter as fast as a sixty-five year-old Wall Street Republican pops Viagra. H.S.T. was the first to point out fear and loathing in D.C., but what is happening now is beyond power grabs and strippers in the Tidal Basin, it’s blatant greed and corruption at the cost of the American people.

Keep up the good work $enator, the people who elected you must be real proud of having you “represent” them. I am sure your conscience doesnt bother you at night.

Update 2014 : This guy was on my radar back in 2011 now that he has taken a job with Wall Street this week I thought I would republish


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5 Responses to $ENATOR Eric Cantor (R-VA) Represents Corporations Rather Than People

  1. jonolan says:

    A few points that you’ll probably ignore because you’re a Leftist:

    Those hedge funds’ and investment groups’ primary clients are the various pension plans and retirement plans (IRAs). Hurt them and you hurt their clients’ at a time when they’re already struggling to meet their commitments.

    Those hedge funds and investment groups are often the ones, directly or indirectly, providing the venture capital for start-ups, especially tech start-ups, and the loans needed for those “mom and pops” to either stay afloat in lean times or expand.

    Have you noticed that the patriots of the TEA Party aren’t complaining about measures that “hurt” them. They place the long-term needs of the nation and their children over their immediate convenience. That’s not something that could ever be said for the useless eaters that you seem to love so well.

    The “rich” already pay for almost anything and receive little of those services themselves. Why should they pay even more just to support the dregs who are nothing but a burden to society – with the possible exception of the growing prison sector of the economy?

    • Jorge G says:

      A Leftist? there’s a new one, but glad we live in a country where we can have open dialog of opinions. I disagree that the rich are paying their fair share. During the Eisenhower administration the rich were taxed at 50%. Now its at less that 5%, that is not fair.

      The Tea partiers havent complained because I feel they dont realize what is actually happening. Lets take the current debt ceiling problem. The last Bush administration raised the debt ceiling 7 times without the impasses we have now. The Reagan administration raised it 17 times without any problems. Why can there not be a compromise on this?

      Appreciate your comments, carry on.

    • jonolan says:

      Where do you get this 5% figure? I don’t want to pick it apart until I understand what you’re really saying.

      As for the debt ceiling, it’s almost always been a issue when it’s been sought to be raised, sometimes more of an issue than even Obama is facing. What’s changed is the media coverage and the fact that Obama and the previous Congress (We always leave out the Congresses and blame the POTUS!?!) raised the deficit more than any previous administration, outstripping 8 years of a rather wastrelish Bush administration in 8 MONTHS.

  2. Jorge G says:

    Reblogged this on sleepwalkingthrutheuniverse and commented:

    thought I would repost since he took a job with Wall Street

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