What a country!-A generation of entitled,enabled pansies

From the little league teams that don’t add runs scored so that the losing team does not feel bad. To the leagues that have a mercy rule so the namby pambies don’t have their feelings hurt .We are raising a generation of pussies and pansies.

Imagine if Albert Einstein was held back from getting great grades because his classmates would feel inadequate?

I believe you learn more from adversity, it makes you try harder to succeed. When I played ball with my cousins and they won, I would shoot extra baskets and work on my game to be more of a challenger next game.

And exercise? The National Football League created a program called Play 60 to encourage children to play outside at least sixty minutes a day.Is this what is has come to? If you are over 40 do you remember your parents having to drag you in the house to have dinner because you were outside playing and did not want to come in? Of course we did not have video games or computers to keep us company, it was our friends and our comics , baseball card collections, board games and books that kept our attention.

Sure we watched T.V. but we were monitored in what we could watch and curfew for bedtime was set in stone.

Due to the advent of cable, video games, computers and cell phones are the kids just not going outside and doing physical exercise? Does this make their parents feel better that their kids are not outside within the reach of the neighborhood pervert? Does it make parents feel less guilty leaving their kids without parental supervision and that the television is watching the kids for them, the computer is the babysitter, the video game is the only interaction their kids have while the parents are working?  Of course  the parents are in the marathon we call the “rat race”, long hours trying to hold on to their jobs.

I heard a school kid the other day talking about classes that he was picking and I did not realize the Phys Ed is now an  elective. When I was in school it was required both for the boys and the girls. Everyone had to put on those baggy khaki shorts and a white tee shirt and go outside and sweat.

So on the bright side we have a bunch of geniuses, computer geeks and video gamers that are probably the best on the planet. I read where some of the “pilots” that work our remote control drones in Afghanistan are ex gamers. Sure would not like to thumb wrestle with those cats.

On the downside we have Mr.Potato  bodies who couldn’t get out-of-the-way of a granny pushing a shopping cart in the produce aisle, probably run out of breath and puke if they had to run anywhere.

Now here is a thesis for a young college student in the social sciences or the psychology field: Is the reason we have so many African-American and minority athletes as opposed to white Anglo-Saxon ones per capita is because the African-American and minorities are from low-income families and therefore had to go outside to play because their families could not afford televisions, cable,computers or video games?

Think about it for a minute, let’s go back in time to the year 2000 and look at three eight year olds, one from a middle class family, one from the projects and one from a poor family in the Dominican Republic.

The middle class kid had a computer in his room, a Play Station, rarely played sports unless it was a video game. Rarely broke a sweat due to a lack of physical activity. Mom and Dad probably paid a guy named Julio to cut their lawn instead of making Mikey go out and do it himself for an allowance and to build some character. This is the enabled/entitlement generation. By now he has turned his good grades into a scholarship and is getting ready to go to college.

The kid from the projects did not have any of those things while growing up but was on the basketball court every afternoon because that was all he could afford to do. Now this kid is a lean 2% body fat specimen who while he did not get the same education as middle class whitey, he is a superior athlete and will be getting a scholarship due to his physical talents.

The kid from the Dominican grew up in a shanty town, idolizing baseball players and played on fields that had more rocks than dirt on them and the kid had to use a milk carton for a glove because his family could not afford shoes for him, let alone sports equipment.

But he was out there everyday not only because his family could not afford cable t.v. they didn’t even own a t.v. So he grew into a lean athlete who could play baseball with the best of them.  He didnt go to college but he has a million dollar contract from major league baseball.

So social scientists, would the two poor kids have turned out as good as athletes had they not been outside doing physical work because that was all they could afford to do? Would they be in the same place they wound up at had they been video playing couch potatoes, computer obsessed geeks, MTV drones?  

And while you are doing your thesis please try to find out while the current entitlement/enabling generation feels why they deserve so much? Have they cured cancer? World hunger? AIDS? Acne? Psoriasis? Athlete’s foot? These fuckers are a whinny, over coddled, breast-fed way too long candy ass bunch who are more protected than an endangered species.


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business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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  1. NBG says:

    DAMN RIGHT SKIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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