The Republican comedy show continues,What a Country!

Well kids the comedy just keeps on coming from those crazy kids running for President in the Republican primaries.

 Ron Paul,Mitt Romney,Rick Santorum,Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachmann.Should come out of the Iowa caucus in that order based on polls out at the time of this writing. Coincidentally I feel they will finish in the same order  just based on gut instinct and observation.

Where is Rick Perry you ask? The king of comedy did another “oopsie” this week when he drew a blank when asked at a campaign stop about Livingston v. Texas the landmark 2003 Supreme Court case that overturned that anti-sodomy law in Texas where a certain Rick Perry was governor at the time.

I think this guy was put in the race by the Republican strategists to make the other candidates look smart.

Back to the stalwart candidates. Ron Paul will probable edge out Mitt for the Iowa caucus because he is very conservative and a bit quirky. But do not go by who the Iowan’s pick, here are a couple of their past choices: 1988 they picked Bob Dole first, Pat Robertson, yes THAT Pat Robertson second and the  Republican Party nominee that year and eventual President ,George Herbert Bush, third. As recent as 2008 the Iowa winner was……………Mike Huckabee, you can now catch him on Fox news trying to stir the conservative masses.

Herman Cain took the advice in an earlier column of mine and dropped out of the race. White women beware!

Rick Santorum has made huge gains and even passed that old hack Newt Gingrich in the polls. The mean streak, the past infidelities and the suggestion that poor minority kids become janitors at their own schools for pay just might have done ol’ Newt in.

Rick Santorum is pretty scary, a sanctimonious right winger who got involved in the Terry Schiavo mess, is against stem cell research, is against gay marriage and gay adoption and of course if he is all against that he has to be against…………….you guessed it, abortion.

It will be interesting to see who rises to the top out of this gang.

I am looking forward to the Iowa caucuses like a junkie looks forward to meeting his dealer.


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2 Responses to The Republican comedy show continues,What a Country!

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are dead on about the good ole Republicans. Rick Santorum is a real joke and the thumpers will surely see the second coming of christ in this guy. Keep us posted…

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