Oh no ! it’s the illegals!

On Friday June 15th, 2012 the “Hipster”, President Obama ordered the federal government to implement certain sections of the “Dream Act” that is being stalled in congress by the Republican/Obstructionist party.

He ordered work permits and the ceasing of deportation if you Are:


For you knee jerk conservatives  reaching for your gun to go protect our borders re read the previous sentence.

It is not for everyone, if you are here illegally and you have a criminal record you will be deported, as you should be. The Obama administration has deported more illegals than the previous administration.

This action by the President will affect about 800,000 people. There are approximately 12 Million illegal aliens in the U.S.

50 percent are from Mexico, 25% are from Latin America 13% from Asian countries and the rest from Canada and Europe. Why anyone would want to come to the U.S. from Canada or Europe is beyond me. They have national medicine over there, why come over here to pay outrageous medical premiums and where the insurance companies dictate to the hospitals what to do as far as proper patient care.

Here in the U.S. if you do not have money or have insurance and you have a serious illness, good luck getting good care. But I digress.

The Obama haters are saying this is a “naked power grab”  or this is pandering to the Hispanic vote. I do not know about the power grab but of course Hispanics would like this. Why wouldn’t they? The problem is that those benefitting from this cannot vote. Some say this will get President Obama the Hispanic vote, sure it will but it will probably be offset by the votes of the conservatives, crazies, gun nuts*, ignorant yahoos and of course the root of all evil ; the Constitutional Fascists.

*By the way my wife and I own four guns, a rifle and a shotgun so do not think for a , minute I am some liberal pansy. However I am not an ultra conservative either , have fun trying to pigeon-hole me.

Make the people who are eligible for this “amnesty” serve in the Military or National Guard or to volunteer for a year helping others. And of course they should be required to go to school. Become doctors, scientists, nurses, policemen, anything but lawyers or politicians please we have enough vultures and bottom feeders already.


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business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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4 Responses to Oh no ! it’s the illegals!

  1. everythinghk says:

    What our President is continuing to do is divide this country, in which, he’s an expert at. In this period of economic struggles for the US he put forward legislation and ideas that has polarized nearly every person in the US. Divide and conquer is his plan.

    One a much simpler view of this (and after I stopped beating my head against the wall). What could be more important than the US economy and the millions of legal unemployed American struggling here in the US? I liken this to your house burning down and you go outside to wash the car.

    I’m just curious if the 800,000 newly legalized immigrants will be added to the current Federal unemployment rate or will that just be glossed over? After all our government would surely go after business owners employing people illegally so these must be people wanting to enter the workplace and study. So I guess now the unemployment rate is now 8.7%.

    • Jorge G says:

      good points all, it appears there is no middle ground and the current Congress will not even compromise so we are at a Mexican standoff, stop beating your head against the wall, its not worth it.

      • everythinghk says:

        I think this topic would get a lot more attention if our Government would properly identify the situation in Mexico as a Civil War which it correctly is since more people have died in the Mexican violence in the past 10 years that we lost soldiers in Vietnam. 50,000+
        Many of these people coming to the US are refugees.

  2. Jorge G says:

    that is a very good point and only a matter of time before that problem creeps over our borders

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