Restaurant review: La Cigale, Delray Beach,Florida

Those of you who read this blog regularly know the wife and I eat out at least twice a week. When I do write a review it is usually due to a great meal and service or the opposite.

For me to get home after I have just left a restaurant to write a review is unusual.

La Cigale is extraordinary. There are items on this menu that I have only seen in restaurants in New York, London or Paris.

I am inured and cynical about restaurants that pass themselves as gourmet. This place does not do that but it should.

To see pate’, fois gras, escargot and Cioppino on the same menu is very rare for South Florida.

My wife and friend Arthur had grilled scallops with truffle oil with a bed of grilled spinach with porcini mushroom risotto. I did manage to steal a bite of their dish, it was to die for.

I had a pate’ appetizer that was as smooth as ice cream in texture and did not have the sandy and gritty taste that you usually get in want to be gourmet restaurants.

My main dish was Cioppino which was perfect in taste ( sauce not too overpowering) and texture ( seafood was not overcooked)

The wine selection was extraordinary and I ordered my wife a Santa Margharita Pinot Grigio that was delightful and I had a California Merlot that was as smooth as Frank Sinatra’s voice.

The staff starting with the bartender Debra, the hostess Mary, the server John were as professional and as attentive as you would want without being overbearing.

Service was impeccable and you regular readers know how much I appreciate linen napkins.

The icing on the cake if you will is my private pet peeve about restaurants. 98% of the restaurants when you are finished with your appetizer they put your used utensils back on the table for the main entrée. As most real classy restaurants do they take away the used fork and knife and give you a new set. Of course they did this right at La Cigale.

I always put my knife and fork on the empty appetizer plate and wait to see if they take those away with the used plate or they place it back on the table for re-use. They of course took them and gave me new ones without having to ask for them, trust me that is a rarity.

The drinks and wine servings were generous. And the owners came by the table to ask how everything was. Without asking there were a lime tart and a chocolate cake cupcake with cream that were placed on the table for our enjoyment.

Reservations are strongly suggested.

253 S.E. 5th Avenue, Delray Beach Fl 33483   phone:561-265-0600


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5 Responses to Restaurant review: La Cigale, Delray Beach,Florida

  1. Melissa says:

    Lovely review. I’d love to see some pics!

  2. We’ll have to give it a try if we’re ever out that way…great details and suggestions!
    xx ~ TDL

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