Ju$tice ?

In following the John Goodman case here in Palm Beach County I wonder how much longer his defense team is going to be filing inane motions to keep vacating his sentence.
It goes to show you how much money makes a difference in real justice. Now it was proven in court that he did plow into Scott Wilson’s car which caused it to flip upside down into a canal and Mr. Wilson either died from impact or drowned.
It appears that the defense team is grasping at straws and throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks in reference to motions for a retrial or to get the sentence vacated.
I wonder if we will see the following motions from the defense team:
Asking for a mistrial because on day 35 of the trial the coffee in the break room was changed to another brand and the defense team was not consulted on it.
Juror number three had too much cleavage showing and the defense team was distracted.
The lunchroom menu was not conducive to Mr. Goodman’s dietary needs.
The air conditioner in the courtroom was too cold and Mr. Goodman’s civil rights were violated.
The $ 500,000 Bentley that Mr.Goodman was driving was a piece of junk. (Wait ,they tried that defense, didn’t work)
I guess if you are an attorney and your client has unlimited funds you will do whatever he tells you to get him off no matter how dishonorable, shady, morally bankrupt ideas your client throws at you.

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business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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