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Just sayin, from a curmudgeon

Public notice: recent studies have shown an increase in fact checkers  enrolling in the Betty Ford clinic due to mental breakdowns, heavy drug use and alcoholism. The study showed the increase started on January,20th 2016 for some strange reason. If doctors charge you for missing … Continue reading

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Texa$ teen affluenza defense, really?

This week a Fort Worth Texas judge gift wrapped a sentence of ten years of probation to a rich snot nosed 16 year old who killed four people while driving under the influence. The little Texas prick had tremendous lawyers … Continue reading

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Ariel Castro, incredible !

In one of the more brazen and unbelievable attorney defense salvos ever lobbed at the media the “counselors” for “alleged” Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro said that he is not a monster and that he is being “demonized” before they know … Continue reading

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Ju$tice ?

In following the John Goodman case here in Palm Beach County I wonder how much longer his defense team is going to be filing inane motions to keep vacating his sentence.   It goes to show you how much money makes a … Continue reading

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Kill Jerry Sandusky

I predict that in less that three years after Jerry Sandusky is incarcerated he will be killed in prison. It will take some time, cunning and guile but they’ll get him. Just like they did with Jeffery Dahmer. Whether it’s the … Continue reading

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