Miami Marlins, same old money grab & bullshit.

Well baseball aficionados the Miami Marlins management is doing the old three card  shuffle under the guise of “bettering” the roster but really just shedding salary as usual.

You say smart business decision? Smart money management ? I say fattening the wallets which is fine as long as you put some money back in payroll and not try to field a minor league team in  a Major League stadium and league.

It’s not enough Marlins management got half their stadium paid by the taxpayers of Miami-Dade county. Its not enough the get revenue from parking and concessions. The salary shed under the guise of improving the team and they are really fielding a bunch of minor leaguers, castoffs and bargain basement retreads.

Case in point on Saturday December 14th the Marlins traded Logan Morrison. President of Baseball Operations Michael Hill was quoted as saying “We felt we needed to upgrade, six home runs and 36 RBI from Logan was not going to get us where we are going.”

He was traded for Carter Capps, a reliever no one has heard of who wont be eligible for arbitration for another two years, hmmmmmmmmm?

Here is the thing the previous day the Marlins traded away Justin Ruggiano who coincidentally hit 18 home runs and drove in 50 RBI in only 128 games. Hmmmmmmmmmm?

So why would they make that move since they traded Morrisson the day after because he did not hit enough home runs or drive in enough runs? Because by trading Ruggiano they saved One million in salary and Ruggiano  is an arbitration eligible veteran, the bane of the Marlins front office, track their trading history, anytime anyone is arbitration eligible they get rid of them faster that a dealer gets rid of his crack rocks when the cops pass by.

The next disaster will be when Mike Stanton, the only real player they have comes up for arbitration. They will get rid of him for a bunch of no-names and minor leaguers and we’ll hear the words, new direction, market adjustment or the dreaded “rebuilding”.

Based on the Marlins attendance in 2013 I think the fans can see thru the management’s bullshit. They had two for one tickets towards the end of the year to attract more clients, I wouldn’t go to a Marlins game if they were giving out blowjobs and free beer.


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business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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