Ariel Castro, incredible !

In one of the more brazen and unbelievable attorney defense salvos ever lobbed at the media the “counselors” for “alleged” Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro said that he is not a monster and that he is being “demonized” before they know the whole story.

Let’s look at the facts: Three women were kidnapped then chained and kept prisoner for years at his house. The women allegedly were beaten and abused by Castro. One of the women had a child which according to DNA tests Castro is the father.

There is nothing to be alleged here, it happened, he did it and for his attorneys to  have the nerve to say the following ” The initial portrayal of him is quote “a monster” and that is not the impression that I got” Said Craig Weintraub one of Castro’s attorneys. Is an insult to the women and most of mankind. That attorney must use seeing eye dogs if he did not get that impression of Castro.

Co-counsel Jaye Schlachet said:”He is a human being but what is offensive is that the women and the media want to demonize this man before they know the whole story and I think its unfair and not equitable. ” What “human being” does this to girls?  Really, what’s the whole story? He was doing research? Scientific experiments? I dont know how some attorneys like this go to bed at night and have no trouble falling asleep.

Really? demonize him? not fair? really? Hmmmm lets see kidnapping, prisoner, forcible sex, rape? It’s unfair to treat this asshole as a monster? To demonize him ? He should be shot or electrocuted as quickly as possible. His attorneys should be ashamed to try to bring that up as a defense. How can these attorneys even have a conscience? Wait, they are defense attorneys, they have no conscience.

I hope they do not waste the taxpayers money on a lengthy trial. They need to put this scumbag in jail as soon as possible and hopefully try to get the death penalty since there appears that some of the girls might have had babies and that they might have been disposed of, allegedly of course.





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