Just sayin, from a curmudgeon

Public notice: recent studies have shown an increase in fact checkers  enrolling in the Betty Ford clinic due to mental breakdowns, heavy drug use and alcoholism. The study showed the increase started on January,20th 2016 for some strange reason.

If doctors charge you for missing an appointment shouldn’t you be able to charge them when they cannot see you because they had an “emergency”?

Why do banks make you wait three days to receive money from an out of town check but the same bank takes the money out of your account immediately when you send it to an out of town bank?

Has customer service become an oxymoron? You call the cable company because your internet is down and before you have to run thru the gauntlet of menu options, press one for English, two for Spanish, three if you are hard of hearing, four if you are stupid, five if you are mentally challenged, six if you need a diaper change, seven if you are gender-neutral, eight if you are gluten intolerant, nine if you need a safe space, all to hear the first thing on the recording: “If you are having trouble, go to our website and check your options” You CANNOT go to their website because the fucking internet is down, which is why you are calling them in the first place!

And speaking of customer service when you call them why do they all have an accent like they are in Zafranistan or Chechnya and they say their name is “Mike” or “Sandy” and their accent is thicker than a pot of curry.

So when is the fine line drawn in the sand about weed? Some states will legalize it, some wont so will there be border police between those states? It’s like bringing Coors back to the east back in the 70’s, trunk loads of weed, but what do you do about the smell?

Is baseball going to be obsolete in the next ten years? It is such a slowwwwwwwwww game, the Millenials who have the attention span of a gnat are leaving the game in droves, no amount of in between innings “games” will bring them back. Kiss-cam, mascot races, lucky seat winner, Bark at the Park night, Transvestite night or five cent beer night will keep them coming to the park. Well, maybe the five cent beer night.

Who will be the first old rocker to croak onstage? Mick Jagger? Paul Mc Cartney? Steven Tyler? Rod Stewart? All over seventy and living on borrowed time. We know Keith Richards will survive a nuclear holocaust due to all the drugs he’s ingested.  Hell when hospitals  run out heroin they just hook him up to an I.V. and take what they need to replenish supplies.

Just sayin’





About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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