Not in 2016 please !

Here are some things that I pray and hope stay in 2015, if you are offended oh well write your own blog.

Anything Kardashian in the press I hope will be tied to a charitable event. I am tired of the attention grabbing family. I don’t want to hear about drug fueled binges, sex changes or sex tapes, this whole family is toxic and the fascination with them is mind boggling. They are a pox on humanity. And by the way I have no problem with what Bruce Jenner did, I don’t think he/she deserves “person” of the year for that though.

Millenials need to put on their big boy pants. No quiet rooms in college, no coddling. The burping and breast feeding is over kiddies, butch it up, it’s a real world out there. Heard the term rat race or dog eat dog? well its real, toughen up or you will get run over. Grow a pair.

Politics, wow I could go on forever. Hope Democrats grow some balls or in case its Hillary some ovaries although I really question what she has above those cankles. They need to stop being ashamed of being liberal and own it and beat the Gray Old Party  over their gray heads about the incestuous relationships they have with big bank, big business and big oil. Look I am a capitalist, I own my own business but “greed is not good” and the 1% is only looking out for themselves.

Donald Trump the blowhard, ugly American, bankruptcy king businessman will win the GOP nomination unless the GOP power brokers have him killed or they get videos of him banging his Mexican maid. They know his win will guarantee a Democratic victory in November. He is everywhere, he’s on CNN more than an Oxy Clean commercial.CNN might as well do a reality show about his campaign which brings us to……….

I keep saying to the Mrs. what will reality TV do next? Well this year there will be a show about Down Syndrome teens. I hope we don’t see Pioneer Proctologist, Beverly Hills Gynecologist or Transvestite Dentist anytime soon. The fascination with morons, inbreds, hoarders, addicts and anyone in dire straits is mind boggling, see Kardashian reference above. Guess its the reason Nascar is so popular, everyone is waiting for the wreck.

My generation did not don body armor, helmets or Kevlar suits to go ride a bike or play outside and we turned out okay. The current generation is raising a bunch of pansies. I am tired of seeing kids out playing having so much shit on that they look like a hockey goalie. Toughen up, its a rough world out there.

Cops, love you , need you, 99% of you are great but…………guns are like a penis, only whip it out and use it when you really have to. There have been too many unnecessary shootings in 2015. And on the other side people when a cop says stop……..stop. When a cop says put your hands up, do so. When a cop attempts to pull you over, do so, if you take off you are risking getting shot at. If you disrespect a cop and don’t follow orders you are looking for trouble.

People I would like to see and hear less from in 2016

Sarah Palin

any Kardashian including Jenner

Donald Trump ( I know that wont happen)

Dr.Phil, a parasite taking advantage of dysfunctional families.

Nancy Grace (the breathless hyperventilating is over the top)

Bill Cosby, talk about Karma taking its sweet time !

George W & Dick Cheney, architects of the missing weapons of mass destruction war.

Richard Simmons, not that he’s around much but its time to retire those hot pants.

Al Sharpton, two words you fucking liar and instigator: Tawana Brawley

Steve Harvey, you’re overexposed, go back to stand up.

Probably more to follow once I have more coffee this first day of 2016.

Happy friggin New Year












About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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