Cruz & Perry…………..Abbott & Costello?

Freshly minted from a Koch brothers organized love fest in Dallas, Ted Cruz & Rick Perry emerged as the future of their party.

Really? Is this the best the Grey Old Party can do?  A governor who makes George W look like a Rhodes Scholar and a Canadian/Cuban  who thinks he can has the right to talk about immigration,  is the most self aggrandizing  politician in our generation and probably spends more time in front of the mirror than Kim Kardashian.

Of course what they are trying to do is to make themselves pretty to the Tea party. Cruz promises to hold the line for amnesty for immigrants who entered the country illegally, Interesting coming from a guy born in Canada.

The only people allowed to talk about immigration are American Indians, no one else. Just think of some of the last names of third generation Americans: Sanchez, Rizzoli, Brudcinski, Yablonski, Eichmann, Dibacco. The point is these third generations had someone come to America before them to start here. Sure most of their ancestors came over legally, but how many didn’t?

And immigrants make up a large portion of our service industry. The grunt work, the yard work, the dirty nasty jobs no one wants to do. If illegals were not allowed to stay and work the economies of California, Florida, Texas and New York would collapse.

So I am not advocating allowing illegal immigration but if they want a shot a citizenship and are willing to pay taxes and contribute like the rest of us, give them an opportunity. The Statute of Liberty was gifted to us by France for a reason.

Back to the Rhodes Scholar who actually said at this summit: ” We need to make Washington as inconsequential in our lives as we can. In Texas we actually do pretty well without Washington’s advise.”

Let’s look at how well they are doing in Texas without said advice. Texas ranks 50th in high school graduation rates. Last in voter turnout. Second in percentage of uninsured kids. But wait! They did come in first in amount of carbon emissions and first or last depending on how you see it in number of voter turnout (they have the fewest).

Fourth in number of women living in poverty, 47th in SAT scores

. So Guvnor’ Perry is living in a vacuum or has his head in the sand or just doesn’t count past ten.

So sure bring on these two stalwarts of honesty, mental gymnastics and humbleness, it will make the Democrats job easy to defeat Abbott & Costello in 2016.



About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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