Bicycle helmets? Really?

If you are over 40 years old remember when you were growing up there were no laws for bicycle helmets. Now you see a kid riding a bike and he has more padding than a hockey goalie.

If you fell of your bike unless there was a bone sticking out or there was a gusher of blood you kept riding with your friends.

We played football in the street, if you fell and got scraped you put some water on it and kept going.

Some parents do not let their kids play organized football because it’s too violent.

Some little leagues do not keep score because so the  team that is getting their brains beat in wont feel bad. Losing makes you try harder next time and builds character.

We drank water out of a garden hose. No one contacted a fatal disease as a result of this.

If the donut you were eating fell to the ground you dusted it off and kept on eating it.

French fries from a hamburger joint did not taste like cardboard.

Pizza, Hamburgers and hot dogs did not make you obese or sick  because your parents did not allow you to overeat.

Going swimming after eating did not give you an embolism.

We had to be dragged in to eat because we were too busy playing,kids nowadays have to be dragged away from their rooms to get some sun.

If the milk carton had an expiration date three days late, we still drank it after giving it the nose test.

Hand sanitizer in those days was water, no soap because you had to go in the house to get that.

If somebody was bullying you it would take an after school fight with your pals having your back to straighten it out, no counselors, no shrinks, no parent conference.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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2 Responses to Bicycle helmets? Really?

  1. msskat says:

    Life does seem more complicated these days and I am happy I do not have kids!!!!!

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