How to take over America, a primer

While five years ago this would be thought of as science fiction and even a publisher or studio mogul would laugh you out of their office, unfortunately like a bad reality show this has become, well……………. a bad reality show.

First elect someone who touches a nerve with the angry electorate who have been ignored and feel the “minorities” ( fill in the ethnic group of your choice here) are being treated better than they are.

Promise them America will be strong again and talk tough, bluster, threaten allies and promise “America First”

Promise a group of workers that their industry will be revitalized even though that industry is behind the times and becoming obsolete.

Break trade agreements that encourage globalization of domestic products and will hurt said industries.

Encourage racism by not denouncing hate groups and actually empowering them by doing so.

Hire a cabinet full of self serving Billionaires that in turn gut the departments they are given to run.

Ignore the world’s climate change agreement.

Deflate the working class by cutting Medicare, social services, food stamps,  social security and take away their healthcare.

Vote down a bill to help veterans.

Ignores his party’s voter suppression mandate.

Take away bank regulations.

Bow down to communications companies by voiding Net Neutrality.

Shrink National Parks size.

And last but not least have the nerve to pass a tax bill that only helps corporations and the 1% under the guise of helping ALL Americans.

Endorse an accused child molester for Senator.

Flat out lie like a rug, the only jobs he has created are for fact checkers.

We are blatantly being robbed at pen-point and short of taking to the streets the only choice is to vote as many out in 2018 and 2020.

Now here is the rest of the science fiction; this is all orchestrated by a businessman who has a history of bankruptcies and stiffing suppliers,  multiple wives whom he had affairs with before leaving the previous wife, been sued for housing discrimination, is thought of as a con artist in the circles of the rich and had been accused multiple times of sexual harassment and or assault while being caught on tape bragging about it. Oh, and making fun of the handicapped.

In memory of HST, my hero






About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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