Ruminations from a curmudgeon

Do we need a Walgreens and a CVS pharmacy not only across from each other but every five city blocks?

Should auto makers just stop putting turn signals on cars?

There is a test for a drivers license, pilot’s license, truck driver CDL, lawyers have to pass the Bar and Doctor’s have to intern, an electrician has to pass a test, shouldn’t there be a Marriage test before you get THAT license?

Today’s children are bratty, self entitled, selfish and obnoxious, that’s what you get when you cant spank, discipline or punish them. And their parents should be neutered so they don’t have any more of these Children of the Corn.

Just waiting for a law to be passed that flirting will be a misdemeanor. Don’t send cards and letters, I agree the Harvey Weinstein’s of this world need to be castrated at best,but you have to ask a lawyer these days if it okay to tell a woman she has a nice shape. In a few years women are going to have an inferiority complex because men will not be able to give them compliments thanks to the pulchritude police.

Do the Kardashian’s do anything worthwhile?  If they vanished tomorrow would the world be a better place? Are they donating anything to society besides fodder for the tabloids?

Why are people spending hundreds of millions of dollars to become Senators ? Is the graft/payoffs/benefits that good? Scott and Nelson are going to spend 100 million in their race for Florida. For gawds sake the salary for a Senator from Florida pays $29,697 plus $152 per diem while in session, does that make any sense?

The next gun nut that says they are trying to take away the second amendment away, I will shoot them.

Will the Democrats ever have a candidate with balls? Besides Hillary that is.

Why didn’t the fellow who followed the “Most interesting man in the world” in the Dos XX commercials work out? Not interesting enough?

Will the Christian Faith publishing company publish my porn story?

Why don’t the online dating service commercials show real people? Not Barbie and Ken, show toothless Billy Bob or Ralph the overweight used car salesman? Or Katie the thrice divorced single Mom with four kids from four different fathers?

A kindness to others costs nothing, don’t be hurt if not returned, just  move on and focus your kindness on the next person. And yes, treat others as they treat you.

Does anyone miss the TV show The Newsroom with Jeff Daniels? In this day and age with the megalomaniac in the White House it would be interesting to see their take on it.

I think now that Uber and Lyft exist drivers licenses should be taken away from anyone over 85 years old, give their cars to a white trash family and give the old geezers a year’s worth of free rides and keep those blind fuckers off the road.









About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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