You couldn’t make this TV show up

Imagine being a studio executive and having to listen to this pitch for a television show;

We have a businessman who is known for his acumen (ACCORDING TO HIS OWN PRESS RELEASES) but in reality has failed at most endeavors but is kept afloat by family money, bankruptcies, stiffing suppliers and “loaning” his name on big building projects.

He has been a reality television star and decides to run for President in spite of being one of the most un-christian people on earth, has been married three times , cheated on all three wives. Has insulted the handicapped, Mexicans, the intelligence community, has threatened to jail the person running against him, has said he could shoot someone in plain view and get elected, insults war heroes, gold star families and treats women like sexual toys.

At this time you would imagine the studio executive wondering if this pitch man has lost his mind, but wait, there’s more.

The pitch continues; The candidate nor his family has served in the military but he said in public that he knew more than the generals and only he could defeat ISIS and do it within 100 days of him taking office.

His entire team including his sons, son in-law and cabinet will conspire with America’s hated enemy ( Russia)  to ensure he wins the election. Speaking of his team it will consist of a ultra right wing  supremacist, a Southern cracker from Alabama who for decades has tried to suppress minorities rights and voting rights. A black surgeon who couldn’t find his ass using two hands. An education secretary wanna be who only got there by donating tens of millions to the  campaign. An oil man for Secretary of State, a former Wall Streeter for Treasury, and get this: a lifetime hater of the EPA for, you guessed it, running the EPA.

The studio exec must be rolling his eyes by now right? but wait there’s more.

The communications office will be staffed with miscreants, sycophants, liars, two faced hyenas,yes men and women. The first communications mouthpiece will be a sawed off runt who looks like he was bullied in school and has a chip on his shoulder. The lady mouthpiece looks like she could fleece the skin off a snake and tell the snake it was doing it a favor. The next lady is pretty homely, she couldn’t get laid at a Navy shore leave. She even wore a pearl necklace for appeal but you know the joke about putting lipstick on a pig.

The best communications staffer for last. The bullied one resigned and another sawed off Joe Pesci wannabe took over. This guy in his first week was more profane than the entire Sopranos clan and picked a fight with the chief of staff and the aforementioned supremacist. This guy talked more about oral sex than Peter North.

A comedy of errors occur when the candidate says one thing, his minions back him up and then the next day he makes a 180 turn and rolls his people under the bus. Its helter skelter with everyone taking cover.

And get this, every morning he sits on the toilet and tweets his thoughts to his followers.

At this time the studio exec would say that it is too far fetched, people could not buy that premise, too far from reality.

But wait, there will be more, later.

Well the later has arrived just a few days after posting this Scaramucci has been fired by the Mad Twitterer just ten days after staring the job. You really cant make this up, really.

In memory of HST








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