End of days?

Perusing thru my newspaper one morning this week this is what I was met with:

First it was day 31 of President Hairdo’s term and the “I will destroy ISIS in 30 days” plan had not been implemented yet.

President Fixitall was quoted as saying: “ It’s an unbelievably  complex subject. Nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated.” Duh, duh and double duh.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes was quoted: ” As of right now I don’t have any evidence of any phone calls between Trump campaign officials and Russian operatives.”  Well it would probably help to have have a special prosecutor INVESTIGATE first and maybe, just maybe there will be some evidence, no one is going to walk up to Nunes on a street corner and say “Pssst, I have some evidence of Russian involvement in the Trump administration.”

President Tinyhands decides to increase military budget by 54 BILLION dollars, it appears the 25 countries with military budgets below us might be gaining on our budget if they COMBINED all their budgets together. We couldn’t have that now could we President Testosterone?

Feds to rescind opposition to a key portion of Texas’ voter ID law, one of the toughest ID laws created specifically to disenfranchise the poor and minority voters. Jim Crow anyone?

EPA hater Scott Pruitt, who coincidentally is the head of the EPA ( you couldn’t make this up, no one would believe you) used private e-mails to communicate with staff while serving as Oklahoma’s attorney general. No response from the GOP who did not know whether to shit or go blind because of Hillary’s e mail server use.

Speaking of presidents with penis envy, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un or Mini-Me as he is called behind closed doors executed 5 senior security officials with an anti-aircraft gun. That’s like killing a cockroach with a shotgun.

President Hairdo also promised to spend a TRILLION dollars to rebuild America’s infrastructure with no plan on how to pay for it. Maybe he will tell the contractors the work wasn’t good enough and to take ten cents on the dollar or see you in court like he does for his businesses.

Remember this was just ONE day in the life of the world, dammit to hell !

Just a reminder Millennials: get off your couches and start to motivate and organize your generation to  #resist or you are going to get more screwed than you already are.

As always, happy trails and don’t forget your meds.

In memory of HST






About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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1 Response to End of days?

  1. Jorge G says:

    Just a side note, people have been e mailing me about being disrespectful to the president, I will do that once he earns my respect which is highly unlikely, he is a liar, a con man, is in over his head, he has made matters worse by hiring liars, buffoons, insecure know it alls and morons

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