Trump that vote

Well kids its down to the last thirty days before the most seminal election of your lifetime. Why YOUR lifetime? because everything in your life, your friends, your relatives and the world will be affected by who is sleeping in the White House.

Do not think that by voting for Johnson or Stein is going to be a vote for Bernie or a vote against the system of oligarch’s that are firmly entrenched in the corridors of power.

Hillary and Trump are not liked, in fact this is the perfect storm of people voting for a candidate simply because they cannot stand the other candidate.

Hillary has the blood-lust drive of ambition not seen in too many politicians let a lone a female one. She is seen as an enabler of her husbands peccadilloes, an attacker of his accusers, protecting him like a mother cub. There is very little to like about her. All you can say nice about her is that she appears to be a good mother, very loyal wife and grandmother. Oh and a very hard worker and relentless.

When I heard Trump was running I was interested. He appeared to be a successful businessman, a no nonsense speaker. Not able to be bought out by special interests, not an insider or a typical politician.

Unfortunately he opened his mouth and has insulted everyone but white, frustrated, poorly educated racist xenophobes. He is also a businessman who while using the system to file bankruptcies burns bridges with suppliers and contractors at an alarming rate.  Not even getting into how he treats and thinks of women.

If those of you outside of the United States think this election will not affect you, think again, he will alienate the rest of the world, she might not be seen as strong enough which might cause her to do something drastic to prove she has the “stones” to be the leader of the free world. So you cannot vote here if you are from abroad but talk to your friends and family that you have here, get a feel for what they are thinking. I hear that except for the winters,Canada is a pretty neat place and they have a progressive Prime Minister.





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1 Response to Trump that vote

  1. David McRoy says:

    I supported Bernie from Day One, but I’m a realist. And the best way to help Bernie on The Hill at this point is to elect Hillary and pack the House and the Senate with like-minded Democrats and get some US Supreme Court nominees seated who aren’t right wing biased.

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