The Wall

I would not be surprised if Canada starts thinking about a wall but they were smart enough to have a real extensive procedure to apply for dual citizenship. It is hard to get approved, trust me, I looked it up.

The Mexicans? Hell, they will probably pay for the wall just to keep US out.

Here are some suggestions for the Trump cabinet purely in jest*cough*:

SEC chairman: Bernie Madoff

Wall Street overseer: Ivan Boesky

Secretary of Education: Sarah Palin

Ambassador to Cuba: Marco Rubio

Cultural attache’: Chachi

Ambassador to Siberia: Alec Baldwin

Secretary of Defense: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Secretary of health: Dr Ben Carson

Ambassador to Afghanistan: Ted Cruz

Coal mine inspector: Mark Cuban

Entertainment attache’:Rosie O’Donnell

Federal Reserve: John Stumpf

SVU director: Bill Cosby

IT director: Anthony Wiener

Health and Human services: Dr Jack Kevorkian ( yes he’s dead, so what?)

FBI director: Peter Sellers, yes he’s dead too

CIA director: Carrie Mathison

Immigration: Eric Estrada

Good start, we’ll see what develops








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