GOP versus Donald Trump

Well kids its official: the Grey Old Party has panicked at the results The Donald has accomplished on Super Tuesday.He won seven states handily and the GOP’s anointed future: Ted “No one likes me in Washington” Cruz and Marco “Koch Brothers puppet” Rubio did not do well.

What is mind boggling is that The Donald is a sure lock to win the GOP clown car nomination and the party wants nothing to do with him because he is his own man and he wont listen to the party, he wont do what they want and he wont jackboot in step with the RNC’s program.

The GOP rolled out Mitt “stiff as a board” Romney to denigrate The Donald. Mitt, a man who cant curse because of his religion and in a street fight wouldn’t last one minute. The Donald is a proven street-fighter growing up in the dog eat dog business world of New York, he will piss on Mitt’s shoes, kick him in the ass and make him cry “uncle”.

Sure he is boorish, misogynistic, uncouth,anti immigrant, buffoonish and has a poor track record of failed or sued businesses but The Donald  has hit a nerve in that he is actually saying things out loud that a lot of people think. He is not “politically correct” he does not act like a politician which is refreshing and he is the only true “outsider” in either race. He is beholden to no super PAC or money men.Cruz and Sanders act like they are outsiders but they are not. Sure he talks more shit than a junkie on an eight-ball but people like what he says and more importantly how he says it. He is going to be the “Ugly American” half the world is going to shun him but I am sure he will tell that half to kiss his ass.

The GOP doesn’t realize they are playing right into The Donald’s plan. If they try to block him or broker the convention he will have more sympathy on his side and he will come out swinging that he is fighting the “establishment”. If they succeed in blocking his nomination, he will go independent and the GOP will not have a leg to stand on let alone a viable candidate. Cruz? Rubio? Kasich? Larry? Moe? Curly? come on these guys would put a crack addict to sleep.

This will change politics for a long time, its roll up your sleeves and slug it out from now on, no gentlemanly discourse, no class, it will be like a WWE steel cage match. The clown car is skidding on thin ice and heading towards the abyss. And if you are thinking, no I wont vote for him.                                                                                                                                        HST.

Yours truly from Florida.



About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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