Paul Ryan, wildcard or wildman?

With the addition of Paul Ryan to the Mitt (offshore bank account) Romney it is evidently clear that the one percenters have put together a team to keep the rich richer (tax breaks for the wealthy) and to keep corporations rolling in the dough at the expense of the middle class and the backs of the working class.

This pairing from Hell if you are looking at it from the working mans point of view or pairing from Heaven if you are a tea bagger…..err sorry, tea party or Republican/Obstructionist party member.

So these two elitists will bring the Medicare overhaul plan to the forefront of the Presidential elections coming our way in the next months. The Rep/Obs did not want to go this route because in their probable Karl (scorched earth campaigns) Rove plan they were going to attack President (Hipster) Obama on the economy and jobs.

Mr.Ryan is the architect of the GOP’s Medicare blueprint and gives the conservatives and the tea baggers virtual hardons with just the mention of his name. The basis of this plan is the Rep/Obs mantra: Less government.

But here is the catch; less government means more private sector. While that means more jobs remember that government programs have safety valves built-in. In Medicare as it is now there are set prices to what can be charged from office visits to MRI’s . The government controls the pricing. In Obamacare it goes even further since there will be a watchdog committee making sure there is no gouging. This really has to piss off the insurance companies, hospitals owned by conglomerates, doctors and of course the real evil; the pharmaceutical companies.

What happens when the private sector takes over is that there are no checkpoints and that is when the CEO’s get their hardons well………on. Remember Wall Street? the greed, the banks, the stock trading companies that went tits up? Remember Lehman Brothers? The mortgage abuses? All of this happened when deregulation took place and less government (Saint Ronald Reagan’s favorite phrase) was turned into more private sector jobs.

So in Mr.Ryan’s plan Mr. and Mrs. Middle America will get a voucher so they can purchase the equivalent of Medicare on the private market. Or they can spend the stipend on whatever current Medicare program is on at that time. The caveat is that there is no guarantee that the stipend will cover the full cost of Medicare.

Of course the private sector means there will be no watchdog on prices. It will be free market pricing. The big corporations will be dictating prices and coverage.  The CEO’s will be salivating and instead of saying “brains” like zombies they will be saying “price gouging”.   With big corporations everything has to be profitable. Look, I am not against capitalism. I am a small business owner myself. I believe in making a profit. But  there has to be a moral fine line between profits and greed.

The current conservative mantra is less government. I piss my pants every time I see a tea party drone with a sign that says ” Government Keep your hands off my Medicare.” The idiot must have forgotten Medicare is a government program.

And the tea partiers have been hijacked by the Rep/Obs party. So less government will mean less Medicare and less Social Security. Hmmmmm I wonder how all those tea baggers that rely on Medicare,Social Security and pensions to survive will do with less government. You cannot have it both ways.

You cant rail against less government while sucking on the government teat.

Ryan is the perfect foil for Romney, makes the one percenters happy, the tea baggers and the conservatives extremely happy.

I wonder if that will be enough to carry them to the top?


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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3 Responses to Paul Ryan, wildcard or wildman?

  1. Kurt says:

    Yes, it will…

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