Cain and Disabled

 Between Herman Cain and Rick Perry it is fascinating to stand back and watch to see who will cause a bigger self-inflicted wound to their campaign.

First Rick Perry had the New Hampshire/Vermont campaign trail gobbledeegoop semi incoherent rap about maple syrup. He sounded like a drunk driver trying to say the alphabet backwards during a DUI checkpoint.

Then Perry ( Bush Jr.) forgot one of the three departments of the government that he wants to do away with. The idea is the lynchpin of his campaign and he cannot remember which department he wants to gut?

Now Brother Cain has amnesia about which women he allegedly groped and which women were paid off by the organization that he ran back then. There’s always a paper trail Herm,always.

Now think about it for a moment. If you are Joe Blistik working your every day mundane job as a janitor and four women come out of the blue and say that you groped them ten years ago. What would you do?

Now if you did not do it then four women got together and created a conspiracy to defame you and ruin your life.

If you did do it then own up to it and say you are sorry whether you mean it or not, act like a man ( you certainly were acting like a man when you were using your pecker like a divining rod to attract attention to it) own up to your past transgressions, blame it on anyone or anything, your upbringing, your priest, your fat wife, your selfish mistress, your homosexual tendencies, your sexual deviancy, your zombie like teenagers,anything ,but don’t deny the obvious, it looks so foolish.

 Rick baby you are another bored rich Texan with nominal motor skills running for president because your are done imploding your state and now you want to go national. Stay on the range brother it will take a long time to fix that mess podnuh!

Herm baby I know there be lots o white women  on a national stage for you to mentally masturbate over. Any one can fuck up but it takes real cojones to admit your mistakes. You are not presidential timber amigo, no woody for you, pun surely intended. 

So two more Republican/Obstructionist party presidential hopefuls are fading faster than Obama’s approval ratings.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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