Democrats, get off your asses

Dear Democrats, I love you, I am one, but I am still seething over what you did to Bernie in 2016  but let bygones be bygones. A few suggestions to start putting into effect starting very, very soon.

Clean out everyone who was power in the DNC in 2016, they backed the wrong horse and should be at the very least shamed in public for screwing Bernie.

Bernie is wonderful and the kids love him and he has great ideas but he will be almost 80 in 2020.

Elizabeth Warren is great and a tireless attacker of the GOP but she will be almost 75 in 2020.

Sure, Trump is 70 but he doesn’t look it or act like it and perception is everything.

Please plan NOW for the 2018 mid term elections and really for 2020, find some Dems under 50 years of age to start grooming them for not only 2020 but 2024 too.

Here are a few :

Stacey Abrams: State representative, Georgia

Pete Buttigieg: Mayor of South Bend

Julian Castro: US secretary of housing and urban development

Tulsi Gabbard:State representative, Hawaii

Eric Garcetti: Mayor, Los Angeles

Andrew Gillum: Mayor, Tallahassee

Hakeem Jeffries: State representative, Nu Yawk

Mike Johnston: Senator, Colorado

Joseph P.Kennedy: State representative, Massachusetts

Seth Moulton: State representative, Massachusetts

These are just a few, there are more, I did not opine on any of the above so that you may look them up on your own and make your own opinion.

We as a group, organization have to join together and fight hard and have the same vision from city councils all the way up to the White House. Stop being so “nice” and get down and dirty just like the GOP does, “nice” doesn’t win you elections. A lot of what is being undone by President Twitter and his henchmen today has to be corrected tomorrow.

Please contact your local branch and volunteer, and start NOW.

in memory of HST







About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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