Things I don’t want to see in 2017

Agreeing that 2016 was not one of the better years for mankind let’s see what we maybe can do without and hopefully more of in 2017.

Right out of the gate let’s just get it over with and realize we have to put up with the Gropenfuhrer for another four years and take our medicine and shut up about him. Cant wish him ill because his vice president is like a strict school principal right out of the 50’s, the 1850’s. So pray for a quick four years or a real “Mars attacks” scenario.

We still saw too much of the Kardashian’s whether it was the husbands acting up or the latest undressing of one of the girls, it is just mindboggling how these talentless paparazzi teasers get more face time than a president or should I say ass time in Kim’s case.

Athletes who act like their talents are going to change the world, its a friggin game, the fate of the world is not going to turn whether your team wins or loses or whether you scored big. Five years from now who is going to remember you? Same with singers, who won Album of the year in 1995? Thought so, the only singer who made a difference was John Lennon and he was shot for it go figure.

Tired of the one percenters who run for office saying they know how the middle class and the poor feel, they wouldn’t have a clue if they were thrown naked into the inner city without a credit card, a cell phone. a publicist or a handler.

People who air their laundry on social media, isn’t it bad enough that your mate slept with fill in the blank: brother, sister, cousin, dog, stepfather, roommate, therapist, ex, pet groomer, hair stylist, banker, wanker or Mom? Isn’t that bad enough? You have to post it for your social media world to see? For pity? To embarrass your afflictor? Go on, move along.

Middle East: you people have been fighting since the dinosaurs were around, either end it or get along, no one is giving an inch so get along because the only other option is to go nuclear and no one wins that scenario.

ISIS, ISIL, DASH, DAESH or whatever you are called, take over a country that people want you to rule, throw everyone else out, invite your followers and have fun living in 13 B.C. leave the rest of the world alone we do not want your antiquated rules or our women covered up like mummies.

We need age limits for rock bands on tour, no amount of drugs is going to keep a seventy-five year old rocker going except Keith Richards. Mick Jagger is 73, Paul Mc Cartney is 74 are we waiting for them to keel over on stage? Retire and keep banging women younger than your grandchildren. Who is going to sponsor their concerts? Depends? Metamucil? Dentu-Crème? AARP?

Political parties: please bring something fresh to the masses, people were tired of the same pabulum and retreaded politicians, hence the surprising win of the one person who did everything wrong and still won the electoral college.

Social media could use a filter or a moral code if such one exists, fake news should be disseminated and only real factual stories should be allowed to post. Are you listening Mark?

Sports teams, you have to lower your prices when it costs a family of four more than $4oo for four tickets to a football game plus outrageously priced food and drinks to attend a game it is bordering on robbery. $13 dollars for a beer? $8 dollars for a hot dog?, come on !

Greed: there is enough of everything in this world for all, how many homes, cars, planes do you need? Most everyday Joe’s and Jane’s just want to live their life in peace and enjoy the spoils of their hard work, get home, have a cocktail and a bang a couple of times a week with the better half.

Reality shows: Please try to do something positive with your shows, self centered, self absorbed, whinny, selfish, immature people looking for enablers show nothing positive, I know every one goes to a car race hoping for a car crash but how many can you film and show?  Hoarders? baby mama’s, Pregnant at 16? Intervention? Live PD? Does it make people feel better that they are seeing someone in worse straits than they are in?

Don’t get me started on participation trophies, you win, great, you lose, learn from it get some spine out of it, work harder next time. I would be insulted to get one of those trophies. Don’t make pussies out of your children, they lose, pat them on the back and say better luck next time, practice, practice, practice, practice  more, work harder, be the best at your craft/talent.

Good riddance to 2016, hoping 2017 is a bit easier on the senses.















About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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