The enabling society

Some colleges are considering quiet rooms so the children can rest, meditate or play with their phones without being bothered or upset. Horseshit I say, you mamby-pamby snot nosed weaklings better get with the program because its a dog eat dog world out there, survival of the fittest and you are going to be roadkill if you don’t butch up.

Notice how society is changing, you owe back taxes? you don’t have to pay all of them back, hire a company that for a small fee that will renegotiate your  debt. Owe too much on credit cards? hire a company that will go to bat for you and get your OBLIGATION reduced. And these companies advertise shamelessly too, their spiel on the radio is pretty graphic: “Owe money? you don’t have to pay it back, let us represent you and help you lower your debt.” ” You don’t have to pay it back” is what they say……..that is what frosts my mini-wheats.

So its like having a good Grandparent, Junior you are in over your head, let me take care of that for you.It’s sliding over into technology, cars that drive themselves, I can see it now, a car accident? wasn’t me officer I was just riding along, the computer was driving, not my fault. Lane change accident? Wasn’t my fault the lane change warning program was defective. Rear end collision? not my fault.  the auto brake program wasn’t working properly.

I saw an ad for a bed that makes itself for Pete’s sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not kidding it’s called Smart Duvet and its a gawdamm app on your phone, you get out of bed, touch the app and the inflated bed cover folds over and your bed is made, how lazy is that? Mind you it uses a vacuum cleaner type of motor to inflate the duvet so its using electricity, talk about a carbon footprint.

So when is this coming? “:Honey I am horny, let’s make love” ………..”wait a minute darlin so I can start my make love app, it will dim the light, pour some wine  and start my penis pump.”

Call me a cranky curmudgeon but the axis is starting to lean to a blameless society.




About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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