Democrats, wake the hell up.

Dear Dems, now that the hangover is over and this election was not a bad dream here is a reality check. Trump is the President and no amount of Facebook whinny postings about doing a recall or petition to the electoral college is going to change that.

First you put all your eggs in one basket and it wasn’t a basket of deplorables, it was a basket of arrogance. You had the same arrogance that Hillary had thinking this was in the bag. Shame on you.

You undermined the one person who had the followers who could beat Trump. Shame on you. Sure Bernie did not have high “Q” ratings and he reminded everyone of their crazy rambling uncle but he had the pulse of the people and he stayed on point talking about policy, solutions and issues. The entire DNC needs to overhauled and new blood and staff that listen to the people’s problems need to be put in place. If the leadership of the DNC was on a show say like…………… let me think here………………….like The Apprentice, they would have been fired for screwing up a sure thing.

Sure the majority of the pundits picked Trump to lose but they should have looked at revisionist history and remembered Dewey versus Truman. That she was as disliked as much as he was should have been a red flag.

If this was a ballgame it would have been a HUGE upset. Here is the hard part, we have four years of this man who was probably as surprised as anyone that he won and is probably wondering “What the hell have I gotten myself into?”. Every positive step we have taken forward is going to be lost with the gang of ultra conservatives, Neocons, closet racists, Neo Nazis, KKK followers, homophobes and women haters that will make up his cabinet and sycophants.

What analysts will be going over for years is trying to figure how 53% of women voted for Trump, did they really hate Hillary that much?

There are no retakes here Donald, this is the real deal and the whole world is watching.






About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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