The golf swing, simplified or just shoot me.

Even though you might not like golf, think it’s boring or agree with the late George Carlin ( bless him) that thought golf courses were a waste of land, here is what a golfer has to checklist before taking the first swing/shot so be understanding of their predicament/curse. There is probably one in your family. Condolences if they are close to you.

Get the grip right whichever of the four or five are recommended

Position of the ball, off front foot, middle, back?

End of club handle not too close to zipper/belt buckle

Head down

Keep your eye on the ball

Bend your knees

Don’t lean too far forward

Don’t lean backwards

Don’t rest on your heels

Don’t abbreviate your backswing

Don’t swing too fast

Don’t swing too slow

Don’t pick up your head

Don’t pickup your feet

Don’t swivel your hips ahead of your swing

Don’t rotate your shoulders ahead or behind your hips

Don’t pronate

Don’t supinate

Don’t move your hands ahead of your club head

Don’t have your hands behind the club

Don’t tee the ball too high

Don’t tee the ball too low

Gauge the wind for the right club, which way is it blowing?

Take a full swing.

I hope this helps you understand their obsession and golf and why liquor are so closely intertwined. If they mutter in their sleep about their swing, you will know why now.



About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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