Trump supporters racist? Nah !

So Pamela Ramsey Taylor and Beverly Whaling, politicians from the great state of West Virginia have disparaged First Lady Michelle Obama along with the school kids in ( pick a state, any state) that have written derogatory remarks on lockers and walls at their schools directed towards minority and African american students.

Racists are coming out of the closet much like the gay population has in the last decade or so.His supporters have seen the GOP candidate not be hurt by his remarks and he has been elected President and nothing of consequence has happened to him, so they feel “if he can get away with it, why cant I?”

What is alarming is that no one or group is putting a stop to this, no one is being chastised or admonished for this behavior. I hope those two yahoos get fired at the very least. Unfortunately they will probably have a parade for them, maybe they can go to North Carolina  and join the Trump parade being put on by the KKK there.

No pastors are upset about this behavior, social media is full of the stories but you do not see a reverend or one of the television evangelicals dedicating a program to combat this racism.

The extremists have been emboldened by Trump, they are starting to get out of control and I hope none of them are hurt when some people fight back, you know that is coming.

HST      11/14/16


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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