Dear Donald

As promised I am devoting this space just for The Donald. Let’s look at the pros and cons:

Captain of Industry, successful real estate mogul, brand promoter, aggressive developer, shameless self promoter, no nonsense attitude, speaks his mind, reality television star, serial adulterer, blowhard,  bankruptcy king,panderer ( I know, what politician isn’t?)Please feel free to add anything that you think I might have missed. Racist? Misogynist? Opportunist? Bully?

When I first heard he proposed his candidacy I was excited to have a no nonsense businessman running. I thought it was what we needed. After hearing some of the ugly things coming out of his his mouth I wondered if the GOP had actually vetted this guy.

He actually fits in to the new GOP that has morphed in the last eight years. Against immigrants,  for tax breaks to the rich, screw the middle class and step on the poor, homeless and disenfranchised. Climate change is not even in the GOP playbook.

Some conspiracy nuts think the Donald is a plot from the Clinton’s and the Illuminati to hand the presidency to Queen Hillary, I know, sounds outrageous doesn’t it?

I’ve met the Donald once at a charity event at Mar A Lago a few years back. We happened to be in the men’s room at the same time and when we came out of there  a volunteer was waiting for him because there was a problem with the seating on the stage.

He raked this lady over the coals over something minor, had her in tears. I though then he was an blowhard, now I am sure of it. If he gets elected which I doubt, will he become “The Ugly American” blustering, swinging his dick all over the world talking bullshit and alienating our allies?

If he thinks he can take on Putin, he is an amateur compared to that guy.

Interestingly enough he lost the Iowa caucus recently after crowing that he was going to win in a landslide. Then crying like a schoolgirl when he came in second. Ah politics, what would the pundits do without it.

All comedians must be lighting novenas daily to keep the Donald in the race, easy pickings for the jokes if you ask me.

in memory of HST





About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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2 Responses to Dear Donald

  1. Jnana Hodson says:

    He may be seen as a comedy, but the implications are truly tragic. Unlike his television roles, this is reality. As for conspiracy theory, where does Queen Sarah fit in?

    • Jorge G says:

      agreed about the tragedy aspect, could alienate us from the world, as far as Sarah? good to think about she is a loose cannon and would make the U.S. look more idiotic than the Donald would and that’s a stretch

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