Texas Republicans are morons.

The Texas Republican party has taken a Back to the Future approach with their platform for 2012 or is it 1912?

From the state that brought you George W. (Rhodes Scholar)Bush:

Look at some of these backward ideas and you tell me if they have lost their minds in Texas or they really have set evolution back a couple of DNA pools or they are just stupid, racist,ignorant, homo-hating assholes?

Some of the Neanderthal ideas these geniouses have come up with:

Repeal the voting act of 1965: This does not allow the states to deny the right to vote to anyone based or color or race, probably the biggest socially moral leap for our country since the Emancipation Proclamation.

They are against the morning after pill? Really ? we have been screwed by Big Oil so much we feel we need a morning after pill. But seriously, leave that choice to the consenting adults please, you don’t like it, don’t take it,just don’t force your beliefs on the rest of your state let alone the country.

They oppose teaching critical thinking skills. Think, but we don’t really want you to be a free-thinker.

They want to return to the gold standard. Ho hum, take it up with the Federal Reserve.

Withdraw from the United Nations. No do not.We are the World’s policemen, don’t leave the U.N. just impose our will on it. You have the iron fist, use it.

Do not allow the Supreme Court to rule cases that deal with: abortion,religious freedom or the Bill of Rights. Ummm excuse me it’s called the Supreme Court for a reason. Just because their rulings do not agree with your backward ideas does not mean you can arbitrarily choose which cases they can or cannot rule on.

Abolish the EPA. Really? you think Big Oil or gas is behind this? ABOLISH IT? are you serious?

Homosexuality is bad. I am serious they really have this on their agenda. If Joe wants to play the skinflute or Janie wants to munch the carpet I do not care just keep in indoors like the rest of us heterosexuals.

Evolution is a controversial theory. Well based on some of these proposals they might be right. Looks like the evolution bus might have missed that stop in Texas.

Dear Texas, a couple of years ago another one of your yahoo politicians came up with a plan to secede from the Union, I think that might be a good idea, take your century old ideas and leave.Oh, and take Rick Perry with you.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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1 Response to Texas Republicans are morons.

  1. joesix says:

    They are stupid, racist, ignorant, homo-hating assholes.

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