Republican party………………R.I..P.
 Friends we are gathered here today to mourn the upcoming death of the GOP. It appears that they have lost touch with the American public and seem to just push on with their agenda of no tax increases to the richest 2% of our countrymen.
They have dug in their heels and say no, no, no,no and no to anything coming close to taxing the wealthy ( which is themselves). The rich pay less taxes now than at anytime during the history of this great country.
Polls constantly show that the vast majority of the American public favor taxing the rich individuals and taxing  corporations more than they are currently paying.
A poll this week showed that republicans are losing more Hispanic and African-American voters every day, what a shock!
These rich fat cats are looking out for their collective fat asses and the corporations that donate to their Pacs. My vote for sale, every Senator or Congressman who does so should be made to hang a For Sale sign on their desk, car and wear a hat saying so. Or better yet how about a scarlet letter?  Yeah, a big red W for whore tattooed on their forehead.
They want to cut entitlement programs from the downtrodden public who are living check to check, and are barely scraping by. The public is just too worn down to care.
They will not close tax loopholes that give corporations so many breaks that some do not even play taxes, look up the  tax returns for General Electric, they hardly paid any taxes, I know they are using the current tax laws but those are the ones we need to rescind so companies HAVE TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE.
 They use the laws and say that these breaks will create jobs, that is the panacea that turns mayors and small towns into zombies…………..jobs, jobs, jobs they will say like automatons with dilated eyes, I don’t see the jobless numbers going down, do you?
One hundred Senators and four hundred and thirty-five Congressmen who have full cheap medical coverage, free retirement, lifetime pensions simply do not care. I do not want to sound cynical but  are there any of those 535 people who really give a damn about the family scraping by on food stamps, and eating a horrible diet because the cost of food has skyrocketed?. How about the elderly? Not all of them can afford assisted living facilities.
It should be a national disgrace that we have children that do not get three square meals a day in this country. It is a shame that we have homeless people, especially veterans.
What is the solution, a new political party? Throw all the bums out? Make them have term limits of two years and if they do something good for the people let them stay in? Have a national grading system for all elected officials with social conscience worth at least 25% of their grade?
This is the greatest country in the world, but we are living on our reputation, we keep this up we wont be able to call ourselves that in the future.
Oh, and by the way I am a registered Republican, and I am not very proud of it
 Reprinted from my political column in Queer’d Magazine

About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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