Coconut Creek Casino

We had an interesting evening at CCC on 6/11, a Saturday night.

They were not as busy as usual probably due to the fact that most snowbirds have headed back home and that casino draws from Delray,Boca, Deerfield which is heavily populated with them.

Mrs.G and I had dinner at Nectar the lounge, live music area. The food was surprisingly good, we had sushi  but the grilled scallops wrapped in bacon and the crab cakes were the stars by far. Service was o.k; there was one server and two bartenders which should have been the other way around. There was a very good blues band playing at the lounge.

The problem we had was at the poker room upstairs. Now,I have been to casinos in the U.S., the Caribbean,Europe and Canada and I have never had a problem getting a drink in a reasonable amount of time. After calling the floor to get someone to take a drink order after playing for 45 minutes, the girl came back in about 35 minutes and did not have our drink order.

I asked the dealer to call the floor so that I could ask for a supervisor and the dealer ( a retired guy from up north who was really tired and weary) told me ” oh, don’t bother they’ll never come and they are shorthanded and if you go downstairs and get a drink you will be back in no time”. this was not what I wanted to hear so I stood up and gestured to the floor manager who looked like a college kid with disinterest as his major in school.

I asked him to get me a supervisor and to say he couldn’t care less is an understatement, maybe he was related to the dealer. He mumbled something about the wait staff being shorthanded.

After waiting another ten minutes for a Supervisor I decided to stop playing poker and proceeded to ask for the shift manager after talking to the front desk person and getting the same “oh, we are shorthanded” claptrap.

The casino shift manager, Galen Thompson came over and listened to our story, apologized for the lack of service and offered to comp us dinner at the  Fresh Harvest which is the all you can eat buffet restaurant that the masses love to eat at. I explained that we had already eaten but he insisted we take his offer for the next time we visited.

I asked him how could they be short-staffed in this economy with the amount of people out of work? He did not have a plausible explanation for that query.

The Mrs. and I decided to play the slots and table games instead of going back to the poker room. About thirty minutes later while we were at the poker machines, Mr. Thompson showed up with a lady he introduced as the food and beverage manager who proceeded to apologize profusely for the lack of service and offered us a drink which was gratefully accepted even though I offered to pay for the drink. The Mrs. asked me how they tracked us down and I pointed to the frequent player cards that were inserted in the poker machines, Big Brother is watching.

A very classy act on their part, really made up for the others.  It made for  a great evening after all and we will definately return.

Seminole Casino,Coconut Creek


5555 NW 40th Street,Coconut Creek, Fl 33073



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