Millionaires versus Billionaires= Greed

This NFL lockout is a tragedy of Medea like proportions. the “revenge” that the owners (Billionaires) are trying to extract from the players (Millionaires) is from a collective bargaining agreement that all parties AGREED to and signed off on in 2006.

Now the owners have woken up with collective bargaining agreement remorse or CBAR and want to scuttle the deal because they are giving away too much to the players. Its like hiring  a call girl, getting it on and then trying to negotiate the price down.

The NFL takes in 9 BILLION dollars a year, the owners take 1 BILLION off the top for expenses *cough bullshit cough* then the kitty is divided up between teams and players  60/40.

Also the owners want to expand to an 18 game season and cut out two pre-season games.. The players do not citing injuries and shortened careers. The preseason games are a farce because scrubs and players that will never see the light of day in the NFL play in those games. You say don’t go to them? The owners MAKE you buy tickets to that charade by jamming them into the season ticket package. Its like getting it in the rear without vaseline. Thanks you greedy son of bitches.

Its like buying tickets to see Cher and having to put up with a RuPaul for an hour.

The players are not entirely without fault either. They knew this was coming, they should have put some money away for a rainy day. And they should have had a stronger union ,complete 100% player solidarity and a public relations program than should have been national and started one year prior to the lockout date.

The irony is that some of these owners extract or extort? I am not sure which from municipalities to get financing and tax breaks  to build their stadiums with the promises of  jobs or the threat of relocation.

The television networks treat the NFL like a junkie treats his supplier, anything you want Master. Dont  screw with that cash cow. Have to sell more commercials for beer and Doritos.

And the public? just as guilty, during the last work stoppage in 1987, as soon as the players came back the crowds came back too, like the lemmings that they are. Dont forget the owners at that time tried to pass off scrubs, castoffs, semi-invalid, losers, grocery baggers, truck drivers and UPS drivers as  professional  NFL  players, they have no shame.

Gentlemen, do not kill the golden goose, don’t be so damm greedy, look what happened to hockey, it took years for them to get it together after their work stoppage, learn from that.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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